Using the internet to sell your home

It is getting easier now more than ever before for people to successfully sell their house entirely online. Because of that, the online market place has become increasingly cluttered, leaving you up against some tough competition. So we wanted to bring you some tips from the pros on using the internet to sell your home – that … Continued

Why sell to an Investor in LA?

With so many different ways to sell your house, you might be thinking “why sell to an investor in LA?”? Well, selling traditionally is not always your best move. When you sell with the help of a real estate agent, that may work for some sellers but sometimes, to get the best outcome, you need to think … Continued

Understanding Foreclosure in CA

Understanding Foreclosure in CA is the most important part of beating a foreclosure and keeping your if you find yourself getting behind on your payments. You need to know what you are up against and how it works so that you can find your way out. And be sure, there is a way out. But before we dive in… What is … Continued

Why won’t my house sell in LA

Why won’t my house sell in LA?  Have you been trying to sell your house for months and now you’re wondering, “Why won’t my house sell in LA?” Which is especially confusing when you consider that the news tells us that the real estate market is still on the rise. Still we are hearing about … Continued

I Inherited A House, What Do I Do

So, you’re saying, “I Inherited A House, What Do I Do?” Well first off, we’re very sorry about your loss! Inheriting a property usually comes with some mixed emotions and can be a challenging time for you and your family, not to mention trying to figure out what to do when a family member leaves you a property. … Continued

What is a Notice of Default in CA?

What is a notice of default in CA? If you want to understand what the heck is going on, read on. Basically, this “notice of default” that your bank has sent you is what “triggers” the foreclosure process. By law, this needs to be filed by the lender in order for them to start the process. In addition … Continued

Behind on my mortgage in Los Angeles! Help!

If you struggling and thinking “I am starting to fall behind on my mortgage in Los Angeles” it probably feels as if you are drowning in mountains of debt. Even when you are able to make the monthly payments, getting passed payments all caught up is the most overwhelming part of all. I’m behind on my mortgage in Los Angeles Luckily, … Continued

Is it still a buyer’s market in Los Angeles?

Is it still a buyer’s market in Los Angeles? As an expert in the real estate market in Los Angeles, we are asked if its a buyer’s market in Los Angeles quite frequently. But the answer to that isn’t a simple yes or no, its a loaded question. So let’s dive into it. To start, what kind of … Continued

Find A Good Realtor in Los Angeles

The pursuit to find a good realtor in Los Angeles can be disappointing at times. But if you follow some clear steps, it will make your life a little easier on your quest to find a good realtor in Los Angeles. Most of the large, big name brokers are pumping thousands of dollars into advertising every month in order to ensure that … Continued