9 Tips for Selling Your Home Without an Agent

Selling your home without an agent

Selling your home with an agent can be a long, expensive process. Real estate agents are supposed to make the process easier, but is it really worth it?

You have to use a significant portion of your profit to pay the agent’s commission. Plus, they’ll be holding open houses (on their schedule, not yours), wanting you to make repairs, and making countless recommendations about how to spruce up your home.

What if you just want to sell your house fast it and be done with it? Then you might be looking into selling your home without an agent. Selling your home without an agent and just selling it yourself puts control of the sale firmly into your own hands (and saves you from having to pay that commission). 

But is it feasible to be selling your home without an agent? The real estate industry would have you believe that it isn’t, but it is totally possible. Here are our 9 tips to help you learn selling your home without an agent

How to Sell Your Home Without an Agent

1. Price It Accordingly

The first step is learning how to sell your house fast without an agent is to pick your sales price. Don’t just pull a number out of a hat and stick it on your listing. Your pricing strategy has to be spot on in order to get the right attention from buyers. 

Ask for too much money and no one will be interested. Ask for too little and you’ll get plenty of attention, but the wrong type. Plus, you run the risk of cheating yourself out of several thousand dollars.

So how do you know what price to put on your home? Well, you’ve got to do your research. 

Realtors use market analyses to figure out the value of the homes they sell. You can do the same thing. 

Start with an estimate from one of the online real estate sites like Zillow or Trulia. These are just rough calculations so don’t base your pricing strategy on this, but it gives you a ballpark estimate.

To get a more accurate picture, search for recent sales of comparable homes in your area. You can find this information on sites like Trulia or by searching the local property tax records with your country clerk or state assessor’s office.

Another place to get pricing information is from the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s website. They publish the House Price Index and other reports that can help you figure out the going rate for your type of home in your area. 

The House Price Calculator from the FHFA also gives you an estimate based on the purchase price of your home and when you purchased it. They get their number based on how prices have gone up in your area since you bought your home. 

It’s a good idea to get information from a few sources and compare the number you get from each. Then you can settle on a price that makes sense based on your research.

If you don’t want to do all this yourself, you can pay an appraiser to find the value of your home. However, that will cost you a few hundred dollars.

2. Prepare Marketing Materials

People will never know about your home for sale unless they see the listing. Plus, without the right information and visuals, they will easily pass over your listing in favor of other more eye-catching ads. 

To that end, we recommend hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your home. iPhones take great pictures, but when you’re competing with dozens of other listings you need strong visuals. That requires more than just a good camera, it requires someone with knowledge of how to make eye-catching images. 

Now it’s time to write a detailed, but succinct description of your home. Set your emotions aside and try to think about your house from the perspective of someone who has no emotional attachment to it. Keep in mind that while the images grab people’s attention, the description is what will further motivate them to come to see your home in person. 

These images and description are what you will use in all your marketing materials. It’s definitely worth it to take your time and polish them up well. 

3. Advertise

With your marketing materials ready, it’s time to start announcing your listing to the world. Here are a few ideas of online sites where you can list your home:

As you can see, there are plenty of options for listing your home. Some sites allow you to list for free, others will charge a fee, which can run up to a few hundred dollars. Some are dedicated to real estate, whereas others allow you to post ads for many different types of things — such as Craigslist.

How many places should you choose to list your house? It’s up to you, but generally, the more exposure the better — especially when the listing is free anyway.

4. Word of Mouth

The Internet offers a plethora of places to post your listing, but there is a good chance that someone in your network (or a friend’s) might be interested in your house. 

Tell everyone you know that you are selling your house. Neighbors, people you work with, friends, family — everyone you know. You can even tell the people standing in line with you at the grocery store if you’re bold enough. 

Your cousin Jimmy’s co-worker just might happen to be the perfect buyer for your house. However, they’ll only find out about it if you tell your cousin Jimmy — and encourage him to tell all his friends and acquaintances about it too. 

5. Prepare the House

Making repairs before selling your house is kind of a pain. It also feels like wasted money because someone else is going to enjoy your efforts. 

This might even be one of the reasons you’re trying to figure out how to sell your house fast without an agent. You don’t want somebody else telling you about all these things you should repair before showing the house to potential buyers. 

However, it’s still a good idea to make a few repairs as necessary. After all, realtors encourage you to make repairs because it does help sell your house fast and for more money. 

If you don’t have a lot of cash on hand, this can be troublesome. But do as much as you can. Fix small stuff like pipe leaks, drafty windows, burned-out lightbulbs, etc. A lot of small repairs are inexpensive and DIY-friendly. 

Inexpensive updates are also a good way to make a great first impression on potential buyers. For example, repainting the interior (and/or exterior) is an easy way to give the home a fresh look. Plus, it doesn’t require much cash if you do it yourself, 

Do a deep clean before you show the home to anyone. You might even start boxing up little-used items and put them in storage. An uncluttered home looks cleaner and seems bigger. 

Stay on top of cleaning and organizing constantly to ensure the house is always “showroom” ready. 

6. Offer Open Houses and Private Showings

Sell your house fast to cash buyers

One of the main reasons you might be looking into selling your home without an agent is to call your own shots when showing the home. Realtors will set up showings that work with their schedules and the buyer’s, but don’t take yours into account too much. 

To further your chances of finding a buyer, it’s still a good idea to offer open houses. Private showings will definitely be required because nobody wants to buy a house they haven’t seen. 

However, without an agent involved, you can schedule open houses and private showings when they work for you. There is no third party making the plans, you are in charge.

If you don’t want to show your house early on a Sunday morning, you don’t have to. You can choose another time that works for you and the potential buyer. 

7. Patience

If you need to sell your house fast, it can be tough to wait, but be patient. One of the downsides of looking into selling your house without a realtor is that the sale will likely take more time. 

Even if you’re aggressive about marketing and getting out there, you don’t have access to the same channels as a real estate agent. Buyers generally don’t pay commission to an agent, thus they are more likely to use them. 

Buyer’s agents generally use the MLS to find listings to show their clients. However, only agents have access to the MLS to post listings. This means it usually takes longer for the right pair of eyes to land on your listing. 

8. Negotiations

Real estate transactions nearly always involve a certain amount of negotiating. After the inspection, buyers may request that you make certain repairs or ask for contingencies to be included in the contract. They might even ask for a price reduction.

Everybody needs to be willing to do a little give and take during the process. However, you need to have a solid idea of how low you’re willing to drop the price or what kinds of repairs you’re willing to make. 

Scrambling to make these decisions when time is short is a recipe for disaster. It’s far more likely you’ll end up agreeing to something you’d rather not. This is even more likely if you’re going up a real estate agent who is already an experienced negotiator and you are not. 

9. Paperwork

Most of what you need to learn how to sell your house fast without a realtor is pretty straightforward. However, the paperwork is one area where you will definitely need help. 

Real estate paperwork is complicated and if it is not done correctly, you could be in a world of hurt. You might lose thousands of dollars on the sale or even be faced with legal action. 

Thus, it’s important to have a real estate lawyer draw up and review the paperwork. This will cost money but is a necessary step to protect yourself. 

Sell your house fast to a cash buyer 

By now you might be wondering if you can learn selling your home without an agent the easy way. You might not have realized there was so much work involved until you started researching how to sell your house fast – without a realtor. There’s a reason agents get such a handsome commission when they sell your property — it can be a lot of work!

Luckily, there is an easier way to sell your house fast yourself. You can choose to sell your house fast to a cash buyer like us here at Mrs. Property Solutions instead. 

When you call us, you only have to show the house one time. We will send a representative to evaluate the value of your home. You don’t have to worry about repairing or updating anything. We are experienced enough to understand the value of a home even without all the pretty trappings in place. 

We’ll run the numbers, then make a cash offer that you are under no obligation to accept. If you decide to accept it, the sale is easy. We cover all the closing costs and handle the paperwork. We even make sure it is easy to read so you understand exactly what you’re getting. Plus, you can choose a closing date that works with your timeline.

Seriously, if you want to know selling your home without an agent the easy way, this is it! Contact us today at Mrs. Property Solutions to find out how much money we can offer you for your home! Sell your house fast to a cash buyer and be done!

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