Can You Sell Your House For Free

Selling Your House For Free

Are you ready to sell your house but feel stressed and overwhelmed? Well, this fear is understandable and justified. Selling a home is never easy. The sadness of leaving a place where you once lived, the exhausting task of moving, and finding the right price for your home can all take a toll on you. In addition, the added expense of estate agents can only add more stress.

can you sell your house online

Costs Of Using A Realtor

Real estate agent stress is the last thing you need, mainly when you can sell your house for free! Selling a home with a real estate agent can end up costing you in the long run. Some costs include:

  • Real estate commissions – Most agents ask for 6% of the home sales price in commissions, digging into your profit. 
  • -closing costs or city transfer fees – Because a real estate transaction is a legal process, you’ll have fees and costs associated with closings and more at between 2 and 5% of your sale price. 
  • -title and escrow – Although you may be able to negotiate a split payment for this with the buyer in a traditional real estate transaction, it still will add up!
  • -repairs – Depending on the condition of your home, your buyer may ask for repairs as part of a negotiation, and if your home isn’t in pristine condition, it could be a huge chunk of money.

How To Sell Your House For Free?

Selling a home can be an exhausting experience on so many levels. It is not only an emotional ordeal, but it can also be physically and financially taxing. Luckily, homeowners don’t need to look for reliable estate agents or expensive property dealers anymore. If you want to sell your home, you can do it yourself without any cost.

If you want to sell your house for free , no fees, no commissions and without the stress of dealing with real estate agents, then here are some options.

For Sale By Owner

One option for selling your home for free is through a for sale by owner transaction. This means you are the “agent” and thus get to keep the money you’d spend on commission! FSBO cuts out the middleman and lets you talk directly to the potential buyers. You may be able to complete the sale faster because you aren’t dealing with real estate hoops. 

However, there are drawbacks. If you plan on selling a home through FSBO, keep in mind that you’ll still be responsible for repairs, closing costs, and other incidentals. You may not have a good grasp of what your home is really worth, and could end up accepting an offer that’s too low. FSBO is also an incredible amount of work! 

Selling a home through FSBO means no commission / no fees, but many other charges are involved. You’ll have to pay for various other requirements, including:

  • floor plans
  • virtual tours
  • professional photograph
  • sale boards
  • Marketing materials

The costs add up!

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Property Auction

Auctions are one of the most exciting ways to sell your house for free– if you like real estate excitement, that is.  Nothing can be more dramatic than watching the hammer fall once your property is sold.

The process of an auction has been helping people sell their properties and houses for a very long time. However, it has gained a lot more attention from home sellers lately because it enables you to avoid an agent’s fees.

Selling a home through an auction is one of the quickest ways to make the deal.

  •  You visit an auction with a high probability of finding the buyer the same day. 
  • Once your house is auctioned, the buyer is bound to complete the purchase within a limited time frame.

However, there are also some negatives to property auctions that can put many sellers off. 

  • There is simply no guarantee that you will find a buyer. 
  • You can’t price, which is a huge disadvantage for those looking to get the most from their real estate sale! 
  • You will have to accept whatever the final price comes your way. There is no going back.

Cash House Buyer To Sell Your House Free

This is a rather unique yet amazing option to selling a home that is available to home sellers. Cash house buyers can be beneficial for people who want to sell their houses quickly, hassle-free, and without the stress of real estate agents. That’s why Mrs. Property Solutions home buyers is a great choice. 

With a home buying company like Mrs. Property Solutions, a cash house buyer offers to buy your house right away without the need of any third party. Our team offers many advantages, including:

  • No fees or closing costs
  • No mortgage hassles 
  • Fees associated with agents are naturally avoided
  • No paperwork or hoops for a faster sale

 If you choose a reliable cash house buyer like Mrs. Property Solutions, you’ll get a competitive cash offer when selling a home.  With fair offers, personalized schedules, transparent and simple procedures, and no commissions/ no fees, Mrs. Property solutions will provide it all to you! You can definitely sell your house for free and more (no commissions and no fees) !

Sell Your House For Free | We Buy Houses With No Fees!

Our Happy Sellers

One of our specialties at Mrs. Property Solutions is to close deals for our clients when they feel hopeless from previous real estate transactions. 

Jim and Diane inherited a house from a family member that needed huge repairs. Because they lived in another state, they didn’t have the time or resources to use a real estate agent! They called us and we were able to buy the house sight unseen. They got their cash in a matter of days!

Another client, Tracy, was desperate to sell after 60 unsuccessful days on the market.  With two mortgages, her funds were running low! We were able to come in with a cash offer and buy the house in a matter of days. 

Our passion is to help sellers get more money and less stress from their real estate. We want to help you, too! Contact us today to learn more about selling a home.

Sell your house for free today! No commissions, no fees, guaranteed!


Cristina Ortega is the proud owner of Mrs. Property Solutions and have been in the business of helping people with their houses since 2016!

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