What is a Notice of Default in CA?

What is a notice of default in CA? If you want to understand what the heck is going on, read on. Basically, this “notice of default” that your bank has sent you is what “triggers” the foreclosure process. By law, this needs to be filed by the lender in order for them to start the process. In addition … Continued

Pre-Foreclosure in Los Angeles – was is it?

With so many homes going through foreclose across the city, it’s more important that ever for buyers and to understand how the process works. So, what’s pre-foreclosure in Los Angeles, anyway? Many homeowners, not just in Los Angeles but across the United States as a whole,  are having a hard time keeping up with their monthly payment.  Once you miss … Continued

Avoid Foreclosure in Los Angeles

With the housing market still recovering from 2008, there are still a lot of people in Los Angeles that are still struggling to pay their monthly mortgage. If you’re house is underwater or you’re having a hard time to keep up with the mortgage, you might have the fear that your property is headed for foreclosure. … Continued