Kitchen Redesign Inspiration: Top Trends From 2021

Trends in Kitchen Design

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Trends in kitchen design have changed massively over the course of the last year, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many of us choosing to stay inside, what we need out of our kitchens has changed. 

If you’re looking to renovate or redesign your kitchen, here are some of the top kitchen design trends of 2021 to help get you inspired and help your kitchen dreams come true. 

Sage green – letting nature in

A good colour palette can go a very long way in creating a greater sense of space and style in a kitchen. One of the hottest colour trends of the year is ‘Sage Green’, which creates a wonderfully natural, almost garden-inspired look, perfect for those of us beginning to feel ‘trapped’ in our homes. 

Going handle less for more control

If you wanted to aim for a sleek look in your kitchen, then a perfect solution is to redesign your drawers, cupboards and pantries to feature handleless doors. Handleless kitchens create a look of modernity and simplicity that results in beautiful spaces that feel calm and serene.

Cottage core – the new countryside style

One of the most popular new aesthetic styles making waves around the internet is ‘Cottagecore’, a romanticised style reminiscent of rural life and countryside living. 

You don’t need to be living in the countryside to achieve this style. The look can be easily achieved in a number of ways, from full-on redecorating, painting the walls in specific colours, or even exposing brickwork to create a truly rustic feel. Even finding the right sink can go a long way towards creating the perfect cottagecore kitchen.

More storage goes a long way

With many of us forced to stay at home this past year, our collections of ingredients and kitchen utensils have grown substantially. One of the biggest trends for kitchens in 2021 is extra storage. Bigger cupboards, bigger drawers, even creating entire pantries and larders can go a long way to accommodating the new everyday items in your kitchen.

Getting the shape right

Often overlooked, the layout of any kitchen is crucial to creating the perfect sense of space. From Galley kitchens to L-Shaped and U-Shaped kitchens, and even Open-Plan kitchens.

Any kitchen’s entire atmosphere can be changed by simply moving its pieces around, allowing for more space, more seating, more light; whatever your heart desires.

Smart-kitchens – kitchens of the future?

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With Smartphones getting more powerful every year, our kitchens are not getting left behind in the smart tech revolution. Smartphone applications like the NEFF home connect and compatible devices allow all kitchen appliances to be controlled from just one screen.

Marble the element of luxury

For the ultimate in luxury, with a hint of zen, Marble is definitely the way to go. This versatile material can be used on almost any surface, wall, or appliance, to add a wonderful finishing touch to any kitchen.

Working kitchens – making room for life

COVID-19 has seen many kitchens become ‘temporary’ shared work spaces. Redesigning your kitchen could help you to avoid clutter and fire hazards, by having spaces for cooking and working. Your kitchen can become the new heart of your home with a little bit of design.

Woodgrain – nature and luxury in harmony

Woodgrain finishes can be applied to just about any part of your kitchen, from work-surfaces, to walls, to even the furniture that dots the room. Woodgrain creates a real sense of warmth and earthliness that doesn’t sacrifice on luxury.

Pendant lighting – accenting your kitchen

Pendant lights hanging from the ceiling can help create a more vibrant and eclectic style for your kitchen space, with pendant lighting drawing the eye and tying together any kitchen.

Dark colour palettes – not so gothic

Adding a darker colour palette to your kitchen surfaces and appliances can create a palpable sense of mood to your kitchen, that screams luxury, and can still breathe life into the room.

Statement taps – drawing the eye

It serves a simple function, but the humble tap is an everyday essential. So why not make it look good? From large to small, brass to copper, taps as a statement piece are quickly becoming one of the 2021’s biggest kitchen design trends.


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