How to Stay in My Home After Foreclosure

A recent study found that 47% of people stay in my home after foreclosure. This may surprise you at first, but here’s why it shouldn’t… banks are not in the business of owning homes. They are in the business of loaning out money, and they make more money doing that then anything else. So when they are forced to foreclose on … Continued

Are We Buy Houses Companies Credible?

Chances are, if you’ve spent any length of time driving around Los Angeles, you’ve probably noticed all of the signs on the side of the road for companies that advertise “WE BUY HOUSES” or “CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE”. So, the big question is… Are Los Angeles We Buy Houses Companies Even Credible? Yes! The idea is absolutely legitimate. … Continued

Sell My House for Cash in Los Angeles

Is it always a good idea to sell my house for cash in Los Angeles? Not always! We will talk about exactly how you can sell my house for cash in Los Angeles – some ways when accepting a cash offer may not be the right choice for you – and when you should take the … Continued