Behind on my mortgage in Los Angeles! Help!

If you struggling and thinking “I am starting to fall behind on my mortgage in Los Angeles” it probably feels as if you are drowning in mountains of debt. Even when you are able to make the monthly payments, getting passed payments all caught up is the most overwhelming part of all. I’m behind on my mortgage in Los Angeles Luckily, … Continued

Find A Good Realtor in Los Angeles

The pursuit to find a good realtor in Los Angeles can be disappointing at times. But if you follow some clear steps, it will make your life a little easier on your quest to find a good realtor in Los Angeles. Most of the large, big name brokers are pumping thousands of dollars into advertising every month in order to ensure that … Continued

Avoid Foreclosure in Los Angeles

With the housing market still recovering from 2008, there are still a lot of people in Los Angeles that are still struggling to pay their monthly mortgage. If you’re house is underwater or you’re having a hard time to keep up with the mortgage, you might have the fear that your property is headed for foreclosure. … Continued

How to Sell Your House to an Investor

Homeownership has changed tremendously since the 1950’s. Before, folks were buying a house and then make it their home for the rest of their lives, and then pass it on to family. This isn’t the case anymore. Not, most home buyers start buying homes with the mentality that they can sell it as soon as it is time to switch it up, … Continued

How to Stay in My Home After Foreclosure

A recent study found that 47% of people stay in my home after foreclosure. This may surprise you at first, but here’s why it shouldn’t… banks are not in the business of owning homes. They are in the business of loaning out money, and they make more money doing that then anything else. So when they are forced to foreclose on … Continued

Relocating And Need To Sell My House in Los Angeles

Moving from one city to another is a big chore and it comes with a lot of moving parts. It is very common for Los Angeles home sellers to call us or submitting their information to our website every week with the same dilemma, “I’m relocating and need to sell my house in Los Angeles“.  The awesome part is … Continued