Why won’t my house sell in LA

Why won’t my house sell in LA?  Have you been trying to sell your house for months and now you’re wondering, “Why won’t my house sell in LA?” Which is especially confusing when you consider that the news tells us that the real estate market is still on the rise. Still we are hearing about … Continued

How to sell my house in Los Angeles

So it’s time to sell your house in Los Angles, and obviously you are looking to get top dollar. Great! But You’re wondering exactly “How to sell my house in Los Angeles”? First, let’s start with some pointers on how you can get your house ready to put it on the market: *Please not that these suggestions are what you should … Continued

Selling Your Home During a Divorce in Los Angeles

If you’ve been wondering what the process is of selling your home during a divorce in Los Angeles… we dive into those steps along with what to look for in this article. The reality is that over half of American marriages end in divorce – and many Los Angeles residents need help and advice since selling a home during a divorce … Continued