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We believe with the right resources and knowledge, anyone has the ability to keep your home in Los Angeles. Not every foreclosures needs to end with someone losing their home. Many homeowners in foreclosure don’t even realize all the options that are available to help. It’s not your fault – there’s a lot of incorrect information out there (and scams, too!) so its important to be cautious when looking for information to create an action plan. Still, even with all the misinformation, there’s a ton of great resources for someone looking to keep their home. Here are some key points:

Government Programs

keep your home in Los Angeles

Most notable is the federally funded government program, Making Home Affordable Program (HAMP) as well as its state funded government program counterpart, Keep Your Home California (KYHC).

Both of these programs do require you to qualify for them, but if you do they are a legitimate source of help for you to keep your home in Los Angeles. If you find yourself getting behind on mortgage payments or already in the foreclosure process, call them immediately. Like most government programs, its takes a good deal of time to get everything accomplished with them, so you need to give yourself as much time as possible.

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Loan Modifications/ Refinances

A loan modification is a great way to catch and reorganize your local with the bank, which can help you to keep your home in Los Angeles. The major thing to be aware of here, is knowing that your bank is the only one who can help you do this. There are a ton of scams out there in which people will convince homeowners that they’ll talk to the bank of their behalf to get a loan modification and tell you to make your monthly payment to them (the scammer) instead of your bank. Do not fall prey to this trap, if you want to see if you qualify for a loan modification, your bank is the only one who can help you keep your home in Los Angeles.

Free Counseling Offered

Mrs. Property Solutions believes wholeheartedly in serving our community. Being in the real estate business, what better way to spread positivity and love than helping homeowners find a way to keep their home? We are proud to offer free counseling to anyone who wants to explore their options for keeping their home. Just fill out the short form below and someone will get back to you. Or, you can talk to someone immediately by calling 310-658-8252.

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