How to Sell a House with a Lien

At Mrs. Property Solutions we are experts at sorting through lien issues to make it easy for you to sell a house with a lien in Los Angeles. The first thing you must know is there are two main types of liens: tax liens and then other liens and judgments.

Property Tax Liens

These are the ones to really be careful of…

sell a house with a lien

When a homeowner becomes late on making the property tax payments, the county will place a tax lien on that property. That lien pretty much says that you cannot sell the house without paying the liens. Then, it gets worse if you become 5 years late on property tax liens. Which makes it hard to sell a house with a lien to just any buyer.

When that property becomes 5 years late on tax payments, the county will sell the property at auction to payoff the property tax liens. So, the sooner you address them, the better. Prolonging the problem will only eat at the equity, leaving you with less money in the end.

Some helpful tips for Property Tax Liens:

  • Property Tax Liens are never negotiable. The amount that is charged is what you have to pay; there are no ways to get them reduced.
  • This is the kind of issue that very easily gets bigger and bigger. The longer you do not pay the taxes, the more it eats at your equity. The sooner you sell, the more money you put back in your pocket.
  • A good resource to investigate property liens is the Los Angeles County Treasure’s website here.

With Other Kinds of Liens and Judgments

These are what we consider to be exciting because more often than not, we can help negotiate them for you! If we can negotiate on your behalf, that will put more money back into your pocket when you go to sell a house with a lien in Los Angeles. Often times the lenders or creditors may be willing to work with us and reduce the amounts that are due… putting more money back into your pocket. We will negotiate on your behalf to get you as much money as possible.

Some helpful tips for Liens and Judgments:

  • These can be negotiated!
  • Don’t pay more than you need to. Get a strong negotiator on your team.

Mrs. Property Solutions makes it easy to Sell a House with a Lien

We don’t mind if there are liens on your house, we buy houses in any condition! In fact, as we have shown, we can even help you to negotiate some of the liens down – putting more money back into your pocket. If you still have more questions, visit our FAQ page to see what other common questions people have.

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