Sell A Vacant House in Los Angeles

If you are faced with the challenge on how you can sell a vacant house in Los Angeles, you have come to the right place!

If you are trying to sell a vacant house in Los Angeles, its our advice that you act quickly! Vacant houses have the tendency to draw bad attention and even start to be a liability. These are the kind of properties that’ll start to turn a whole street south. You know the kind, the ones that start attracting the wrong kind of behavior and are an eyesore to the rest of the street. These are the kinds of houses that drive the prices of their neighbors homes down with them. Especially because of crazy tenants law and “squatter rights”, you may end up bitingsell a vacant house in Los Angeles yourself in the behind if you keep a house vacant for too long.

Another thing to be aware of if you have a house that is being left vacant, you can easily start to accrue fines from the city for weeds that start to get out of hand or even more severe citations such as substandard or abatement fees.  You can learn more about this through the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety’s Code Violations page here. 

Who Can I Sell A Vacant House in Los Angeles to?

The good news is, these are exactly the kind of properties that we look for! To us, there is no property too far gone to be fixed up; even ones with fire damage! We love the thought of coming into a neighborhood and turning the ugly house on the street into the best looking one on the block. It adds value to the rest of the neighborhood and is good for the economy. Best of all, we make the process to sell a vacant house in Los Angeles an easy and stress free process! We will handle everything for you and pay all of the closing costs. You will never be asked to have an appraisal or do any bank inspections. We want to buy your house exactly as it is, with its needed repairs and all! We want you to have a positive experience with us when you need to sell a vacant house in Los Angeles.

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