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It’s important to us that the home owners we buy houses from have a positive experience working with our team. We take pride in going the extra mile so that the people we buy houses from feel like they were taken care of and the burden of the house will be lifted from them. If we are in the process of buying your house, please let us know anything we can do to help make the transition as seamless as possible. Check out what other happy sellers have to say about their experience. Here’s a few snippets of what other happy home owners have to say..

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Monica, Pomona


-Cristina, Winnetka

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-Cindy, Oro Grande

“I am so thankful to you guys for buying my house! I had it listed with a realtor and it was not selling. As soon as I called Cristina, I had an offer the very next day. I felt the offer was very fair and I am so grateful she bought it. I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders.”

-Christian, Long Beach

“I had a wonderful experience working with you. I appreciated how you always got back to me very quickly and answered all of my questions. Even though my house had a lot of problems, you always went above and beyond to make sure the whole process was effortless on my part. I would sell to you again!! Thanks so much!”

-Maria, San Fernando

“I wish I would have found Mrs. Property Solutions sooner! The house I inherited from my grandmother had way more problems than I knew what to do with so I just decided to leave it and wait. Well I waited too long and the house started racking up so many city fees that I finally knew I had to sell. Cristina handled everything and even paid all of the fees. She is a great solution if you want to sell a house that needs a lot of work! The price she offered was also fair. Thanks again.”

-Kathy, Los Angeles

“Working with Cristina was heaven sent. When I met her I was in the middle of Foreclosure. I was looking to sell my house because I was desperate but there was nowhere for me and my kids to go. I had no way of affording rent and was afraid we might turn homeless. Cristina helped me to file bankruptcy to catch me up and get back on track. It has been hard but I know this is the right decision for us. Most people would try to take advantage of the situation but Cristina showed concern and helped me even when it meant that I didn’t sell my house.”

-Miguel, Carson

Take a look at some of the ways we’ve helped other homeowners just like you…

Problems in Pacoima:

testimonials 1Maria reached out to us to sell her property in Pacoima. It was the house she raised her kids in, but it had since been taken over by her youngest son. Unfortunately, her son did not take care of it so it was in need of a lot of repairs. He also tried to make some unapproved additions, which resulted in lots of patchy work throughout the house and several code violations from the city.

We ended up offering Maria $10k over her asking price and set a closing date for 2 weeks out. Before closing, it was discovered that the house would have to go through probate since the original deed was written incorrectly. Her husband had passed away so instead of the house just going to her, she needed court permission to sell.

We guided her thorough the probate and helped her find the cheapest and fastest way to get it done. A few months later, we were able to close and even ended up reimbursing her for the probate costs.

The Cat House:

testimonials 2When we first reached out to Tom about his house in Palmdale, he said that it was foreclosed on 8 years ago so he was no longer the owner. We dug into it and found that it was initially foreclosed on but because the house was in such terrible condition, the bank returned it to him, wanting nothing to do with it.

Back in 2007, the house was boarded up by the city and deemed a health hazard due to the fact that they removed over 130 feral cats living in house, along with several cat carcasses. When we inspected the property in 2016, the house was rotting and smelled absolutely horrendous.

Being that there were still loans attached to the property, we were able to negotiate them down with the bank so that we could get a good discount, being that so much work was needed. We also paid a referral fee to Tom’s mother, Shirley, since she was very helpful throughout the entire process.

If we bought this house, trust us, we can buy any house!

An Inheritance Nightmare:

When we first spoke to Deanna, she was a little skeptical and quite honestly, didn’t want much to do with the South Central LA house that was left to her by her grandfather. Deanna had not even been inside her grandfather’s old house in years and had no idea what was going on with it.testimonials 3

It came to our attention because it was scheduled to go to auction for unpaid property taxes, so Deanna was motivated to sell. We went to check out the property and discovered that there were tenants living there who were paying rent to someone in Atlanta – to which Deanna had no knowledge of. So we bought the property anyway, without even seeing the inside!

Because of tax implications, Deanna didn’t want to receive money right away and asked that we hold off until the following year, which was a few months away. But because of the approaching tax sale, we paid the taxes so it wouldn’t go to auction and then wrote her a promissory note that she cashed at the beginning of 2017. We made a deal with the tenants to move out and we were able to start work shortly after, everyone won!

As you can see, each property always presents its own set of challenges. The important thing to know is we will help you through all of it to find a solution that works for you.

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