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Have you ever sold a house in the past? If you have, then you probably remember what an exhausting process it is. The process of selling your home can sometimes take a year or longer, and if you don’t have the best real estate agent for your situation it could be even worse. If you haven’t sold a house in the past, then you can probably only begin to understand what a process it could be, especially dealing with banks. Mrs. Property Solutions eliminates that outdated process of a selling house: we buy houses fast – on whatever schedule you would like! You want two weeks – let’s do it! You want two months…let’s do it! We buy houses Canoga Park CA and anywhere in California, focusing on Los Angeles county – regardless of the amount of repairs needed on the house, or updates needed. We have the money to provide a more than fair price for your home. We will remove the obstacles in the road that come from selling a home, this way you’re left with a headache-free way to sell your house fast! We will take care of all the paperwork, so you can relax, throw up your feet and receive your cash. When we buy houses Canoga Park CA, that translates to:

  • zero fees..
  • no repairs..
  • zero commissions..
  • no closing costs..
  • and you choose the closing date

We want you to understand that the answer to your issue we offer is not the typical real estate process you have been through before or may have heard from through family and friends. The process of a real estate agent placing your house on the market and other agents taking their buyers to your home to gauge interest is what we avoid. A realtor’s focus is to find you a buyer, but us at Mrs. Property Solutions – we are the buyer – we will buy your house just as it is today. No repairs needed, and we will close as fast as you would like us too. When we buy houses Canoga Park CA, we’ll take care of all the headaches associated with selling a house.

When we buy houses Canoga Park CA, it is our main job within our company to generate a solution in which all parties involved will greatly benefit from when we provide cash for houses in Canoga Park CA. Whatever it is that we need to take care of for you, we want your time spent with us to be unforgettable and positive. It is our focus to keep the process as easy as humanly possible:

Sell My Canoga Park CA House Fast – 4 Steps:

We Buy Houses Canoga Park CA
We Buy Houses Canoga Park CA

Reach out to us via calling 310-658-8252 or completing the short form on our site.

We’ll start with a personal phone call so we can gather more information on the house and what you’d like to happen.

We’ll take a trip out to your property so we can come to a fair offer.

If we come to an agreement, then we’ll draw up documents to open escrow.


When it comes to selling a house there are two primary skill sets we offer: the first one is quickness and the other is simpleness. We can close on the timeline you want, take care of the paperwork and then complete the escrow process for you, leaving only your authorization and signatures. The number one reason people need to sell their house fast in Canoga Park CA is that there’s something off with it, and there is no reason you should have to fix it, if you don’t want too. Fortunately for you, we will take care of it, so you can be on your way.

We Buy Houses Canoga Park CA – Common Situations:

When we buy houses Canoga Park CA, we will take care of all these situations above, regardless of the number of these possibilities involved! It can be a situation with a mortgage or maybe the home some personal love and several updates… doesn’t matter we’ll deal with it! We will take care all of it within the time frame that you need and deal with the details on the back end. Leave it to the experts while you sit back and relax!

How About The Benefits?

At the end of the day, you need to go with the option that is right for you and your situation. Here’s what we offer:

sell house fast Canoga Park CA

Fair Offer. Our offers are based on the condition of the property.

need to sell house fast Canoga Park CA

No Repairs. Sell your house without having to do any work or spend any money.

sell house fast cash Canoga Park CA

Close Fast. We work entirely around your schedule and close as quickly as you need – or give you extra time you need!

sell my house fast cash Canoga Park CA

No Real Estate Commissions. Seriously, none.

we buy houses fast cash Canoga Park CA

No Fees, Either. There are no forms of hidden fees, we’ll even pick up the closing costs!

cash for houses Canoga Park CA

All Cash. This keeps the deal simple and is how we are ready to go when you need!

we buy houses cash fast Canoga Park CA

Making Relationships. We treat all our clients with honesty and understanding because we want to build relationships for the long haul.

need to sell house fast Canoga Park CA

No Showings. Instead of having people coming and going for months, we only need one appointment before we can buy your house.

sell house with repairs Canoga Park CA

Professionalism. We take pride in conducting every deal with honesty and professionalism.

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