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We Make Selling Your House Easy With Quick Home Offers. When We Buy Houses There Are No Fees – It’s 100% FREE.

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Need to sell a house fast in Canoga Park CA? The best way is to sell a house fast for cash. It’s easy! To get started, contact Mrs. Property Solutions – one of California’s top home buying companies that makes selling your house a breeze. 

We buy houses as-is, no matter what condition. We’ll evaluate your home and make you a cash offer in 24 hours or less. It’s the simple way to sell without an agent and you won’t pay any fees!  Plus, make sure to check out our reviews to see what people are saying.

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Meet Your Home Buying Team

Enjoy a home-selling experience like none other when you sell to our home buying company. Cristina Ortega is the chief problem solver who started it all back in 2016. She wanted to combine her passion for helping people with her love for real estate. 

Thus, Mrs. Property Solutions was born.

We think she’s done pretty well. Several of her friends and family members have joined her in this venture and each person plays an important role in the business. From the numbers guy who looks for creative solutions to purchase homes that other investors won’t touch to, to our bilingual sales representative who serve’s homeowners in Spanish, we’ve built an effective team. 

And everyone’s highest priority is to offer you the best deal possible for your home!

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We Buy Houses From People In Tough Situations

Most often, the reason you might need to sell a house fast in Canoga Park, CA is that something bad has befallen you. We make quick home offers for people in tough situations that don’t have time to wait for their homes to sell on the market. Time is literally money when you’re desperately trying to keep up with mortgage payments and other house-related expenses. Here are examples of situations where we can help:

Getting a divorce

Facing foreclosure

Inheriting a house you can’t afford

Losing a loved one

Dealing with a house that needs major repairs

Losing a job

Struggling with terrible tenants

Inheriting a house out of state

Dealing with a house in probate

Moving aging parents for sudden health problems

In these situations and more, selling the house as quickly as possible is often the best (and least expensive) course of action. That’s where we can help.

“I sent her a quick little email and within hours she responded. I sold this house with her help, within 2 weeks. I’m really excited. This is a person that you really, really need to call.” 
– Monica⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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The Benefits Of Quick Home Offers And Sales

If you’re struggling to figure out how to pay your mortgage each month, you’re already keenly aware of one benefit of selling your house fast. That financial burden suddenly evaporates. However, selling the traditional way can be slow. Plus, the waiting and hoping the deal doesn’t fall through is excruciating when you’re financially drowning. Selling your house to a home buying company makes all of this so simple. Check out some of the many benefits here.

Keep Your Profits: Don’t worry about paying closing costs out of your profits, we’ll take care of those for you when we buy houses

Competitive Cash Offer: We like to get creative and make sure our quick home offers are in line with the home’s actual value

Transparency: We don’t play games, you’ll know exactly where we stand.

Avoid Realtor Commissions: Keep even more money in your pocket by skipping the 6% real estate agent commission

Close When You Want: With no banks or other third parties to wait on; fast or slow, we can close and work on your desired timeline. 

Sell Your House As-Is: We buy houses as-is and fix them up so you don’t have to

Selling to Mrs. Property Solutions is hands-down the best way to sell a house fast in Canoga Park CA

The Delightful Things People Say About Us

As a Christian company, we pride ourselves on running our business in a way that honors the Lord. We are not only in the business of buying houses but also of helping people. In fact, helping people is more of our primary goal. Our reputation is extremely important to us and we treat all our sellers with dignity and respect. Check out how we’ve been doing and what past sellers have to say about us here when we buy houses.

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Need to sell a house fast in Canoga Park CA? We are currently making offers on houses in these zip codes: 91303, 91304. If you’re in Los Angeles, we buy houses in these beautiful areas as well San Fernando, Northridge, Panorama City, Reseda, Sylmar, and Van Nuys