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We buy houses in Lakewood CA and all parts of So Cal! Mrs. Property Solutions is the best solution when it comes to selling your house fast because all of our offers are guaranteed! We also so whatever is necessary make the process easy: we’ll buy your house exactly as it is – with any problems it may come with. When we buy houses in Lakewood CA, you:

  • will NOT make repairs
  • will NOT pay for commissions
  • will NOT pay for fees
  • CAN pick your closing date

Selling to Mrs. Property Solutions is a completely different than putting your house on the market with a realtor. We just want to buy your house – which basically means you are selling it by owner. When we buy houses in Lakewood CA, we pay cash – this way we’re not tied to bank regulations and we can make decisions for ourselves without the approval from a bank – which is what drags down most real estate sales transactions.

When we buy houses in Lakewood CA, we’ll take responsibility for whatever problems are tied up to the property so you won’t have to. That means all the regular annoyances that come along with selling a house is left to us so you can relax. Best of all, we’ve created…

A Simple Process When We Buy Houses in Lakewood CA:

We Buy Houses in Lakewood CA
We Buy Houses in Lakewood CA

Complete our site’s short form (or call 310-658-8252)

We’ll reach out for a friendly phone call to get to know you better.

We’ll meet at your property so we can check it out.

From there, you’ll get your fair cash offer!

Tip: The longer you put things off, the more time you’ll leave for your house situation to worsen. Act quick so you won’t start draining your property’s equity!

There could be a million reasons that people have for selling their house in Lakewood CA – we’ve worked with many people and no two are ever the same. But we’re confident we can make almost any deal work out for both of us when we buy houses in Lakewood CA. If it does pan out that we can’t buy your house, we’ll do whatever we can to help you find the solution you’re looking for. It’s our mission to leave each home owner we work with in a better situation than before we found them. Here are some …

Common Situations When We Buy Houses in Lakewood CA:

Most people we buy houses in Lakewood CA from have multiple issues like this going on – that is why no two deals are the same. What’s important to remember is we can help with all of them, we can work out any property issue when we buy houses in Lakewood CA!

So, What Are The Benefits?

When we buy houses in Lakewood CA:

sell my house Lakewood CA

Best Offer.  We’re not going to mess around by giving low offers, you’ll get our best offer right from the start. 

sell my house fast Lakewood CA

No Repairs. All the houses we buy, as “as-is”! This way you don’t have to do any work… or cleaning!  

sell my house fast cash Lakewood CA

Fast Close. Give us a deadline that you’d want us to by your house by and we’ll do everything we can to make it! 

need to sell house fast Lakewood CA

No Commissions. There are ZERO commissions when we buy your house.

sell your house fast Lakewood CA

No Fees. There are zero fees when we buy your house. 

cash home buyer Lakewood CA

A Cash Sale. We pay in cash to keep it simple and so we can close quickly. We don’t work with any bank loans.

sell house fast Lakewood CA

Respect. Treating everyone with the utmost respect, really should go without say.

sell house fast cash Lakewood CA

One Showing. We can give you a fair and honest offer after we see your house just once.

need to sell house fast Lakewood CA

Professional Experience. Honesty and integrity always come 1st in ALL of our deals. Period.

Is selling to us really your best option?

Well that is going to depend entirely on your particular circumstances and what you intend to accomplish through selling your property. For instance, if you’re house that is at the top of the market with custom fixtures and there isn’t any rush to sell so you can hold off until you get the highest possible offer, then we probably won’t be the solution for you.

We buy houses in Lakewood CA to give you a solution to your property problemsThat’s the value in working with us: we’ll take on the annoying problems that you’d rather not deal with. When you sell your house to us, you’re choosing convenience. Mrs. Property Solutions is great if:

You need to sell fast.

In the event that time is not on your side and you require a fast option to sell your house that is guaranteed, we’re it! We’re sure you already know that selling real estate is not that simple, it often takes months (even years!) and there’s no such things as “guaranteed”. However, that’s the case because typical buyers use loans… but we’re not a “typical buyer”. We pay with cash so we can skip through bank contingencies (like inspections, appraisals and long, drawn-out approvals) that cause the sale to fall out. That’s the reason why we’re able to guarantee the sale when we buy houses in Lakewood CA. It’s how we’re able to work within your schedule and accommodate all of your needs.

The property has repairs.

Undoubtedly, properties that need major repairs are the kind that we buy most often! Which is no surprise given that making improvement to properties gets expensive very quickly. In addition to expenses, there is also a special skill set required to get those kind of projects done; even when you do possess that level of “know how”, the time that it takes to complete a rehab project is substantial.

If your property needs more attention than what you know how to handle, that where our services can help! When we buy houses in Lakewood CA, we purchase them exactly AS-IS! Our solution paves a way for you to get the money that your house is worth without rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. Obviously, these are in no way the only ways we can help, but they are undoubtedly the most common properties that we buy. Fill out our short form or give us a call at 310-658-8252 to get started.


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