WE BUY HOUSES IN POMONA CA – give us just 10 minutes before committing 6 months with a realtor.

We buy houses in Pomona CA and all around the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area (as well as the rest of SoCal). Our main concern when we buy houses in Pomona CA is to make the process fast, simple and stress free – and at the same time giving you the best offer we can. When we buy houses, It’s our goal to shift the responsibility and the burden of the problem out from you so we can take care of the problem for you. Whatever the problem is – maybe there’s too many repairs or lousy tenants you’ve been dealing with – we have the solution. When we buy houses in Pomona CA, that means you:

  • will NOT make any repairs
  • will NOT pay commissions
  • will NOT pay closing costs or fees
  • You DO pick your closing date

Just in case you are not already familiar with the differences between listing with a realtor and selling to us, let’s explain that first. Put simply,  listing with a realtor means you are allowing them to place your house on market to try and help you find a buyer. When selling to us, we are the buyer, so basically you are eliminating the middleman. And when we buy houses in Pomona CA, we pay in cash, which is why we are able to buy your house as-is and close quickly. We know that you’re out to get the highest offer you can, A.S.A.P., without fixing it first – so let us help you do just that!

When we buy houses in Pomona CA,  it will always be our aim to exceed your expectations and make the sale of your house a stress-free experience. So we do everything possible to shift the burden of the problem onto us, so you won’t have to deal with any of the hassle. For most, simply making the first step and filling out our form is the hardest decision…but we promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s what the process is like when We Buy Houses in Pomona CA

We Buy Houses in Pomona CA
We Buy Houses in Pomona CA

Call us at 310-658-8252 or complete our quick form.

We’ll reach out to you so we can talk about your house and see how we could help.

We’ll go check out the house to see what we’re working with.



Tip: Make sure to act quickly! Property problems have a way of getting worse the longer we avoid them. If you delay too long it can certainly begin to eat away at your hard earned equity.

When people come to us to sell their houses in Pomona CA, no two situations are ever the same. But in all the year’s we have been helping people solve their property problems, no two scenarios have ever been the same. Luckily, we can help with them all. There will never be a case too complicated that we aren’t willing to take on because we buy houses in Pomona CA no matter what the condition is. Regardless if we buy your house or not, Mrs. Property Solutions is committed to helping homeowners work out their property problems. It’s our goal to leave every home owner in a better situation than when we found them in…whether we buy your house or not!

Some common situations when we buy houses in Pomona CA:

The reality is that most people we buy houses in Pomona CA from have more than a few of these problems going on at the same time, which then makes it hard for them to sell their house the traditional way (with a realtor). That’s why we handle things differently when we buy houses in Pomona CA. We buy houses exactly as they are so you don’t need to put any money or work into the property just to turn around and sell it.

Since we are professionals that are trained to deal with these kinds of property problems, we have systems in place to handle these types of problems much easier than it would be for the average person to fix. Since we’ve already helped so many other homeowners in similar situations, we’ve had a lot of practice and we’re positive that we can help you, too! There really is no problem too big or a challenge too hard that we won’t take on when we buy houses in Pomona CA!

The BENEFITS when selling your house to MRS. PROPERTY SOLUTIONS:

The benefits of selling your property to a We Buy Houses in Pomona CA company like Mrs. Property Solutions is:

sell my house Pomona CA

Higher Offers.  Since we fix such a high volume of houses, we get good deals on labor, so we’re able to pay a little more for houses. 

sell my house fast Pomona CA

We Buy “AS-IS”. You’re not going to make ANY repairs when you sell to us.. you can even leave stuff inside the house and we’ll clean it up for you.

sell my house fast cash Pomona CA

Close Fast. In most cases we close in a few weeks, but if you need to close sooner we can accommodate that, too! 

need to sell house fast Pomona CA

NO Commissions. Selling to us means you’re cutting out the middleman (the agent) and that will literally save you thousands.

sell your house fast Pomona CA

NO Fees. In a normal sale you could be paying more than 2% to just closing costs, but selling to us means we cover them for you.

cash home buyer Pomona CA

Get Paid in Cash. The fact that we pay in cash means our offer is not subjected to appraisals or inspections. The price we offer is what you’ll get.

sell house fast cash Pomona CA

Fair & Honest. If we think that you have a better option than selling to us, we’ll tell you so. We’ll even point you in the direction of someone who can help.  

sell house fast Pomona CA

Only One Showing. Instead of having people in and out of your house at a moments notice, just show it to us once and you’ll have an offer!

need to sell house Pomona CA

Property Professionals. Not to toot our own horn but we’re pretty good at solving property problems, and we’d be happy to help you with yours! 

Is selling to a We Buy Houses in Pomona CA company my best option?

To be honest, selling to us will not always the best option, it completely depends on your particular situation. If you recently remodeled your house and have the time to wait it out for the best price possible, then you should do so! And hiring a realtor is going to be a great option for you.

We buy houses in Pomona CA to help people solve their property problems. That’s how we bring forth our value: solving complex property problems that most homeowners don’t have the resources to deal with. We’re a great solution if you:

Need to Sell Fast.

Time isn’t a luxury that everyone has. We work with a lot of people that need to get their house sold as quickly as possible. If that is the case, then selling to a professional home buyer like Mrs. Property Solutions will be your quickest course of action. For us to buy your house, we just need to take a look at it once and we can have a formal offer to you that same day. If you’ve bought or sold real estate before, you know that normally the case. That’s because most people out there buy houses with a loan, and when they do that the bank is going to want an inspection and an appraisal, which can easily take months.

That’s why when we buy houses in Pomona CA, we pay in cash: so we don’t have to abide by any requirements from the bank. This way, we’re able to skip the appraisals and inspections. It’s also how we’re able to let you choose your own closing date. We’ll take one look at your house, then give you a fair and honest offer. It should also go without saying that there is never an obligations to accept your offer and you may take as long as you need to think about it. When you do want to move forward then we will open escrow and close soon after that! and we’ll always do whatever is necessary to accommodate your particular schedule when we buy your house in Pomona CA.

Houses that need WORK.

The most common houses we buy are the ones that need lots of work. And with good reason! The cost to fix houses is expensive. Most people don’t have that kind of money lying around or even know how to make those kinds of repairs. Most realtors will suggest that you make the repairs first if you intend to list your house, and this isn’t bad advice because houses that have repairs don’t normally do well on the market; they tend to attract “low-ball” offers.

If making major repairs to a house just to turn around and sell it sounds like too much work to you, then Mrs. Property Solutions is a great solution. You’ll end up saving yourself a lot of time, money and effort – and still get a fair price on your house. That’s the beauty of selling to us, you hand over your property with all problems attached as it is, without having to deal with any of them on your own. We’re used to dealing with this stuff so why not hand it over to the professionals? That way, you can collect your check and move on. We buy houses in Pomona CA to help you get away from these nagging property problems. To start the process just fill out our short form and you will be on your way! Trust us, you will not regret it!


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