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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

We buy houses Inland Empire CA and everywhere throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Our role as a professional home-buying company is to make the process of selling your house easy, fast and stress-free – all while receiving a fair price. We’ll work with you in such a way that we can shift the burden of the problem from you to us. Whether that means dealing with the repairs or dealing with those terrible tenants – Mrs. Property Solutions provides a way for you to cash out on the property without having to do any of the work. When we buy houses that means that you:

  • Won’t make any repairs
  • Won’t pay commissions
  • Won’t pay closing costs or fees
  • You’ll pick the closing date

You may or may not already be familiar with the differences in selling your house (to us, a cash buyer) or listing it with a realtor. Simply put, when you list with a realtor you are giving them permission to put your house “on the market” to try and find you a buyer. But when you sell to us, we are a buyer – a cash buyer. Since we buy houses Inland Empire CA for cash, that allows us the ability to make decisions differently than a traditional buyer is able to do so – we’re able to play our own rules – rules that help you, and we aren’t subjected to the bank’s rules. We know that your goal is to get the best price possible for your house, as quickly as possible, without having to “fix” it first – and we want to help you do that!

We always aim to go beyond your expectations to make the process of selling your house easy and stress-free. That means we shift the responsibility onto ourselves so you won’t have to deal with any of the work or tie up any loose ends, you’ll only have to worry about when you’d like to have your check by. To most people, just pulling the trigger to actually fill out our short form is the only hard part…but we know you won’t regret it!

the fastest way to sell your house fast

Here’s what the process is like when We Buy Houses in Inland Empire

  1. Call us directly at 310-658-8252 or fill out the short form.
  2. We’ll call you to see your situation and how we can best serve you.
  3. We’ll meet at the house so you can give us a tour.

Tip: Putting off property problems for too long has a way of causing them to get even bigger. Acting quickly is key! If you put them off too long, they can start to drain your equity!

People are always coming to us with new reasons why they have to sell their houses in Inland Empire. But rest assured, we’ve already heard most of the reasons before and there isn’t any situation too complicated that we won’t accept. Regardless of the condition! Whether we buy your property or not, Mrs. Property Solutions is committed to helping homeowners work through their property problems. It’s our goal to leave every homeowner in a better situation than where we found them…whether we buy your house or not!

  • foreclosure
  • hoarder house
  • selling ASAP
  • behind on mortgage
  • needs costly repairs
  • fire damaged house
  • probate
  • code violations
  • need to downsize
  • divorce
  • medical bills
  • water damaged house
  • relocating soon
  • you inherited a house

The truth is, most people we buy houses Inland Empire CA from having several issues going on concurrently. That really makes it hard for them to sell their properties on “the open market” (MLS) with a realtor. That’s why when we buy houses in Inland Empire we do things differently.. we don’t mind what the condition of your house is, we buy all kinds of houses! We once bought a house that someone was hoarding 133 cats in. The house had been boarded up and left to rot for 7 years… trust us, we’ll buy your house!

We’re professionals that have been trained to handle these kinds of problems. We’ve helped lots of other homeowners in similar situations and we are sure that we can help you, too! There really is no problem that’s too big or any challenge that we won’t take on when we buy houses  Inland Empire!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

get an all cash offer for your house fast

The benefits of selling to

Inland Empire sellers choose us over our competition for numerous reasons. The benefits of selling your property to a We Buy Houses Inland Empire CA company like us is:

we pay a fair price for your  house inland empire ca

We Pay More.  We flip a lot of houses, and since we do such a high volume we get wholesale prices, so we pass the savings to you. 

we buy houses without needing any repairs

We Buy “AS-IS”. You don’t have to make repairs.. heck, you can even leave everything in the house if you don’t want to clean it before you sell.

we can close on your time line

Quick Closing. Since we pay with cash, we can do a fast close! and we’ll do our best to accommodate whatever time you need to close by! 

sell your house without a realtor

NO Commissions. Instead of paying thousands to a real estate agent, when you sell to us, that savings goes back into your pocket.

NO Fees. In most sales, the seller is expected to pay about 2% of the sales price in closing costs. If you sell to us, we’ll cover them!

Cash. In real estate, cash is king for a reason. This is what gives us the ability to play by our own rules and accommodate you, the seller, better.

Fair & Honest. We’re believers in the golden rule: treat others how you’d like to be treated. We will always treat you with honesty and respect. 

no showings needed to get a cash offer

No Multiple Showings. After we meet you to see the house, you’ll get your fair cash offer right after that. Just one and done!

we're a professional home buying company around CA

We’re Professionals. We’re skilled at solving property problems, and we’ve made it our mission to solve the kinds of issues your facing.

We’re won’t lie to you: selling your house to a home buying company like Mrs. Property Solutions isn’t always the best option for every circumstance. For example, if your house recently went through a remodel, you’re not in a hurry to sell and you’d to wait it out until you get over your asking price, then hiring a realtor or agent will be the best way to go. We buy houses Inland Empire CA to help people solve their property problems. That’s where we bring our value: in solving complex property problems that many homeowners don’t want to deal with by themselves. We’re a perfect solution if you:

get a cash offer for your house now

Time is not a luxury that we all have. If you find yourself in a situation where you need your property sold ASAP (like, yesterday) then selling the house to a homebuyer like Mrs. Property Solutions will hands down be the fastest way to get rid of it. In the majority of sales (using an agent) the norm is that the buyer will need financing to buy the property. Which means: they will need to play by the bank’s rules and it’s common for those kinds of transactions to take 3-6 months or more for the sale to close, or in other cases, fall through completely.

That’s why we buy houses Inland Empire CA with cash: so we don’t have to submit to the bank’s lengthy processes. That’s how we can bypass things like inspections and appraisals, and that’s how we’re able to close on the date that you want. Once we’ve had a look at your house with a contractor, we’ll be able to give you a fair offer that same day (or possibly the next day if there’s something we need to follow up on). It should go without saying that there’s never an obligation for you to accept the offer. However, if you do want to move forward, great! We’ll open escrow and a few days later you could have your check in hand! If you decide that you need some time, that’s isn’t a problem either. We’ll do whatever is necessary to accommodate your schedule when we buy your house in Inland Empire.

what to do when you need to sell your house fast

If your house has some repairs that need to be made, it’s easy for those to add up and get very expensive. Materials and labour are expensive, even if you know what you’re doing. But another part to be prepared for is unexpected costs – which pretty much always come up if you’re fixing a house. If you plan to put your house on the market with your realtor, expect them to pressure you into making those repairs before you put it on the market. This wouldn’t be bad advice either, houses that need repairs don’t usually perform well on the market and have a tendency to bring in “low-ball” offers.

The great news is, you have another option. If this all sounds like headaches you don’t want to deal with, save yourself the trouble (as well as your time and resources) and instead sell to us. These are exactly the kinds of homes we deal with regularly. We have systems and processes in place to handle property problems, which makes it easier for us than it is for the average homeowner. We buy houses Inland Empire to help you get rid of these nagging problems – and we’ll compensate you fairly for them! Selling to Mrs. Property Solutions is easy, to find out just how easy, start off by filling out the form or calling us at 310-658-8252.

Riverside County and San Bernardino County are very popular areas for us to buy houses. Some of the most popular areas within Riverside County that we buy houses in are Corona, Palm Springs and Temecula. Some of the more popular areas that we buy houses in San Bernardino County are Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario.


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