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Nothing makes us happier than to exceed our seller’s expectations and give them the best home selling experience possible. We are willing to go above and beyond every time. Here are some of our most recent testimonials and reviews. Maybe you will be our next great review?

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Monica, Pomona

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Cindy, Oro Grande


Cristina, Winnetka

5 Star Review | Candid Property Solutions

Nick, Chowchilla

Olga and Eddie's Review of Mrs. Property Solutions

Olga and Eddie

5 Star Reviews | Candid Property Solutions

Brad, Bakersfield

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The proof is in the pudding! With so many verified testimonials and reviews from happy sellers, you can be sure that you will have the same experience with us when we buy houses.

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Case Studies Of Homes We’ve Bought

Here are reals examples of other houses we’ve bought and how we helped each individual family. Each seller’s we buy houses review and testimonial is a little different, since each seller is different. That’s the great part about working with us, we create a custom offer that works for you!

When it needs too many repairs

los angeles home buyer reviews

Jim and Diane inherited a house from a family member – but unfortunately, the house came with more issues than they were ready to handle. The house had foundation issues, needed a new roof, and complete updates throughout the whole house. The fact that they lived in another state and were short on funds only made the situation more complicated for them. Luckily they called us and we were able to buy the house sight unseen so they didn’t even need to make a trip to show us the house. We were able to get them their cash in a matter of days and take away all the stress the house was causing them.

When you need it gone, on your schedule

phoenix home buyer reviews

Roberto reached out to us because he was going to be making a cross country move for his work. With a new promotion, he needed to be able to buy a house in another state and have that sale contingent on his other house selling. We were able to work around his timeline and set a flexible schedule so that we could help make things move smoothly with the new house purchase and the move. Since he was so busy with work, we helped him coordinate the move and hire a moving company for a smooth transition.

When it won’t sell on the MLS

california home buyer reviews

When Tracy called us, her house had been listed on the market for 60 days. She had gotten offers but the buyers were not able to qualify and it left her having to handle two mortgages and was quickly draining all her funds. We were able to come in with a cash offer and buy the house in a matter of days. We also helped donate all of the belongings that they left behind that were too old and bulky for them to move into their new home. We also handled all the paperwork so that the only thing they needed to worry about was enjoying their new home.

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