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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

Would you like to sell your house fast in Apple Valley CA? If you’ve sold your home before, you will most likely recall that it can be quite the process, taking much longer than you’d like! That’s why we deal with it from another angle at Mrs. Property Solutions. You won’t need to deal with a long, drawn out process; instead, we’ll quite simply buy your house… and faster than you would expect. That’s because we pay cash and leap over the lengthy escrow process. In fact, we can finish the process in only 7 days if you desire us to!To help sellers get cash for their house – on the drop of a dime! The condition of the house isn’t important, because we’ll deal with all of the repairs, no matter how much you think is needed! When you sell to Mrs. Property Solutions, there won’t be any extra research on the real estate process, just put your John Hancock down on the paperwork and then we’ll close as quickly as possible! When we buy houses Apple Valley CA, it means:

  • pick your own closing date
  • no closing or title costs..
  • no commissions..
  • no repairs..
  • no fees..

The process is entirely different from the traditional process of selling your house on the MLS with a real estate agent. When you are working with an agent, it is the job of that agent to find you a buyer. But when you sell to us, since we are the direct buyer, it cuts out the waiting period. You don’t have to do any showings, appraisals, and you definitely don’t have to go to delay while we try and qualify for a loan. Because we pay in cash, we’re able to hop, skip and jump over all those delays and instead do a nimble close when you sell your house in Apple Valley CA!

The Simple Process to Sell a House Fast Apple Valley California

Common Situations When You Sell Your House in Apple Valley

We’re problem solvers. We can help with any situation and offer you cash for you home. We regularly work with people in these situations

  • tenants stopped paying rent
  • going through probate
  • selling from out of state
  • the house is vacant
  • moving out of state
  • evictions
  • avoiding foreclosure
  • it needs too much work
  • the house has “squatters”
  • it won’t sell on the MLS
  • fire or water damage
  • selling before a market correction
  • going through bankruptcy
  • job loss or a loss of income
  • moving your parents
  • going through a divorce
  • inherited an unwanted house
  • code violations
  • problematic tenants
  • don’t want to pay realtors
  • when you need liquid cash, fast

We can help anyone navigating these challenging situations, by buying your house. To see how we can help you and get a fair offer for your home. Fill out our form!

When we buy houses Apple Valley CA, we can assist with everything above! Leave your headaches to the professionals to settle all the work!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

And The Benefits When You Sell to Us

At the end of the day, you’ve gotta choose the option that’s best for you. Here’s what we can offer:

Best Offer.  We won’t beat around the bush with low ball offers, we’ll give you our best offer from the start. 

We Buy “AS-IS”. You won’t have to lift a paint brush or even a broom!

Fast Closing. Just tell us when you need to close by and we’ll do whatever we can to meet your deadlines.

No Commissions. We are buying your house – not listing it! So there are no commissions you have to pay.

No Fees. There’s absolutely zero fees to work with us. We’re paying you…you are not paying us!

A Cash Sale. Since we pay in cash we’re able to keep it simple. No appraisals or bank contingencies to hold up the deal.

Respect. This really should go without say, but we treat everyone we work with, with the highest respect.

One Showing. We just need one quick look at your house and from there, we can present you with a fair cash offer!

Professional Assistance. Honesty and integrity come first in ALL of our deals. Period.


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