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No Repairs. No Agents. No Fees. No Commissions. No Cleaning.

We buy houses so that you can sell an Apple Valley house fast, without the headaches. Request an easy cash offer here:

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Sell An Apple Valley House Fast For Cash 

We Buy Houses With No Hassles And No Fees – Guaranteed! Find Out How It Works To Get An Easy Cash Offer By Clicking Here.

If you need to sell an Apple Valley house fast then Mrs. Property Solutions can set you up with an easy cash offer. Don’t want around for months for an agent to find a buyer and then take a hefty commission for it. When we buy houses, we never take a commission, and there’s no fees so you keep 100% of it!

With no repairs needed and no cleaning required, we’re the fastest solution when you want to sell your house for cash the easy way. 

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Get To Know Our Team

After working in the property business since 2016, we’ve refined how we buy houses into a science. We have worked with hundreds of customers over the years, which allows us to quickly provide an easy cash offer. We know how to effectively price houses, and give you the best possible rate for your home.

Every house is a new challenge for us. We love the chance to meet with a new customer and giving them a great option to sell their houses as-is. If you need to sell an Apple Valley house fast, we’re the quickest solution possible. The condition of your house doesn’t matter to us, all we want is for you to walk away happy with a 100% cash offer.

We buy houses! Want to know what you can get for your house? Fill out this form:


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Need To Get Rid Of The House Now?

We know how disappointing it can be when your home sale falls through at the last moment. All the expectation falls away and you’re right back where you started. We want to ensure that you don’t have to go through difficult situations so we buy houses with an easy cash offer. You can sell an Apple Valley house fast – in a matter of days to a home buyer that has seen it all:

The house is in probate

You can’t keep up with mortgage payments

You have to move your parents into a care facility 

The house has fallen into decay and will need a few large-scale repairs

The house was part of your inheritance, and you don’t want it

You’ve just moved out of state

The house has code violations

The house needs a new interior after fire damage

A few bad tenants have decided to make owning the house a misery

You’ve experienced a death in the family and can’t live somewhere anymore

Don’t worry if your situation isn’t listed above, they’re only the beginning of what we’ve seen. No matter the situation, we’ll be able to give an easy cash offer for your home.

“I sent her a quick little email and within hours she responded. I sold this house with her help, within 2 weeks. I’m really excited. This is a person that you really, really need to call.” 
– Monica⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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We Buy Houses To Make Selling Easy

Suddenly need to sell your Apple Valley house fast? We’re the property company for you. At Mrs. Property Solutions, we can put in a quick cash offer and let you close within the week. But that’s not all! Take a look at some of the other benefits of working with us:

We’ll pay 100% of the closing costs – We cover any overhead closing fees. 

You don’t need to repair a thing – Any damages are completely okay with us, they won’t cost you a cent.

Complete transparency – We’re committed to giving the best deal we can, that’s why all our offers are completely honest and transparent.

We pay 100% in cash Get an easy cash offer when you work through Mrs. Property Solutions.

We don’t take a real estate commission, no matter what – You can keep every penny of the offer we make you.

We close whenever feels right for you – Selling can be an emotional experience. We’ll be ready whenever you’re ready, and not a moment sooner.

These are only a select few of the many benefits we can offer. Get in contact today to find out more!

A History Of Happy Customers

Every time we buy houses, we ask that our customers leave us a review. We’ve been incredibly happy to see the positive reviews pour in over the years. Just take a look at our page of customer testimonials!

see our google reviews
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see our yelp reviews

Sell An Apple Valley House Fast And Conveniently

Tell us about your home, as we will get you a fair cash offer on your house. Just tell us about your property below

We Buy Houses Rated 5 Star!


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We buy houses in the following zip codes: 92307 and 92308 so you can sell an Apple Valley CA house fast!
But we also buy houses in other parts of Southern California like: San Bernardino, Fontana, Chino, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and Victorville. So if you need to sell, request an easy cash offer by calling us now.