sell your house fast in Cerritos CA

Sell Your House Fast In Cerritos California

We Buy Houses Fast And We Can Close In 7 Days

Cash For Your Home – You Choose The Closing Date. We Pay All Costs!

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we buy houses in Cerritos CA for cash

Sell Your House Fast In Cerritos CA

Get Cash For Your Home And Enjoy An Easy Home Sale. We Buy Houses At A Fair Price So You Can Close In Just Days

When you want to sell your house fast in Cerritos CA, you can’t be messing around with the traditional market. Even in a hot market, sales take time mostly because of third parties like lenders.

We buy houses the fast way by paying cash for homes. You simply contact us and we analyze the value of your home. Then we make a cash offer based solely on its worth in its current condition. Yes, that means you sell your house as-is and skip all the time-consuming and expensive repairs.

sell house fast as is in Cerritos CA

We Offer A Stress-Free Way To Sell Your House

Imagine not having to worry about repairs, cleaning, open houses, closing costs, or agent commissions. Selling your house to Mrs. Property Solutions is your best option.

There’s an easier way. Get cash for your home today!

we can buy your house as is in Cerritos CA

We Buy Houses And Love People Too!

Property investors often get painted as cutthroat sharks looking for a rock bottom deal. Back in 2016, Cristina Ortega wanted to create a different kind of home buying company. She wanted to combine her love of helping people with her interest in real estate.

Thus, Mrs. Property Solutions was born!

These days we are a small team of people with big hearts. We buy houses, but more than that, we help people in rough situations. We get creative to make fair cash offers for homes, even when other investors might walk away.

We buy houses! Want to know what you can get for your house? Fill out this form:

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Need To Sell Your House Fast In Cerritos?

Unfortunately, most people that we help need to sell their house fast because of a problem they’re facing. Perhaps a family member died, or a marriage is ending and the homeowner can no longer keep up with the mortgage on their own. Over the years, we have helped people in these types of situations:

Inherited a home they can’t afford

Going through a divorce

Aging parents with health problems

A damaged home in need of repairs

Out of state home

Need to relocate suddenly

Losing a job

Poor tenants

Inherited home stuck in probate

Need fast cash

Regardless, people in these situations don’t need someone trying to capitalize on it. That’s why we always make competitive cash offers on homes based on their condition and nothing else. 

“I sent her a quick little email and within hours she responded. I sold this house with her help, within 2 weeks. I’m really excited. This is a person that you really, really need to call.” 
– Monica⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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The Benefits Of Cash For Your Home

What difference does it make to you if the buyer has the cash on hand or has to ask a lender? The big answer to this is time. Lenders are the third party that tends to slow down the closing process. By paying cash for houses we, avoid that headache. We can buy what we want when we want without waiting for approval from anyone else. This means you get to enjoy the following benefits:

A Flexible Close: You can definitely pick the close date that is convenient for you

No Closing Costs: We cover the closing costs, which helps keep the paperwork simple and easy to understand

No Commissions: With no real estate agents involved, you aren’t responsible for paying their fees either

No repairs. You won’t have to make any repairs at all when we buy houses

Competitive Offers: Our offers are based solely on the value of your home in its current condition

Competitive Offers: Our offers are based solely on the value of your home in its current condition

Sell your house fast in Cerritos CA without all the stress and headaches of a traditional real estate sale. Get cash for your home and be done with the whole business in just a few days!

What People Say About Working With Us

Our reputation is extremely important to us. As Christians, a big part of our focus is ensuring that we do everything in a way that is pleasing to God. All of our dealings are transparent and easy to understand. If you have a question, feel free to ask, we’re more than happy to explain everything! What do past sellers say about it though? Do we succeed in this endeavor to be transparent and have integrity in everything? See what past sellers have to say here!

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Cash For Your Home In 7 Days, Hassle-Free

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✔ No agent fees

Ready to sell your house fast in Cerritos CA? You can get cash for your home in the following zip codes: 90701, and 90703. If you’re in Los Angeles, we also buy houses in the following communities: Long Beach, Bellflower, Downey, Compton, Lakewood, and Lynwood. We buy houses in all California!