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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

We buy houses Oxnard CA and all parts of Southern California! We aim to offer a quality way to sell your house quickly – in a way that we handle the hassles and headaches on your behalf. We buy houses “AS-IS” -even when there might be something wrong with it, we are still able to give you an honest and fair price. When we buy houses Oxnard CA, then means you:

  • Will not make any repairs..
  • or pay any fees.. OR pay the closing costs!
  • There are no commissions!
  • & YOU can choose the closing date!

Our services are very different from how real estate is traditionally sold. Here’s the difference, we want to buy your house, which essentially means that you’re selling “by owner”. It’s an entirely different kind of transaction from listing with a realtor. When we buy houses, we pay in cash for houses because it just helps to simplify the deal so we don’t need to use financing with the bank. Financing just gives more space for issues to arise that will complicate the deal or cause it to fall through altogether.

Our aim when we buy houses Oxnard CA, is only to create win-win deals that both of us can benefit from when you sell your house fast. We handle all the logistics so that you won’t have to deal with the dirty work that usually come up when you’re selling real estate.

4 Easy Steps To Get Started

  1. Call or text to 310-658-8252 or you can complete the form on our page.
  2. We’ll start with a friendly phone call so we can get to know you and the property.
  3. Next, we’ll go out to the property so we can have a look.
  4. Lastly, obtain your fair offer and decide if you want to accept!

Note: Accepting your offer is 100% your decision. You’ll never get any pressure from us, that isn’t our style.

Everyone’s reasons are always unique for why they need to sell a house fast for cash in Oxnard CA. Since we’ve helped quite a bit of people by now, we understand that every deal is different, because each persons goals are always different . But regardless of  what is wrong, we can cater to your needs to find a solution that you can benefit from when we buy houses in Oxnard CA. If it turns out that there might be another solution that would work best for you, we’ll help you find it. We want each home owner we work to be in a better position because they spoke to us. 

We Buy Houses in Oxnard CA – Common Issues

More than any one particular situation, its actually most common for the folks that we buy houses in Oxnard CA from, to have a combination of these issues going on at once. The fact that there are so many issues in usually a big factor for why they need to sell their home fast.  If you are experiencing these issues firsthand, you may rest assured that none of these problems are an issue when we buy houses Oxnard CA. We will handle all of that for you!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

The Benefits?

It’s Mrs. Property Solutions’ aim to make the selling process easy for you. So when we buy houses Oxnard CA, this is what we offer:

A Competitive Offer.  Price is usually the biggest deciding factor when selling their house, so we make sure to come in with a strong offer.

No Repairs Necessary. We will never ask you to fix anything before you sell to us. We buy completely as-is, no matter what is wrong.

A Quick Close. Instead of waiting for months for the sale to close, we can close in a matter of days! 

0 Commission. There are absolutely no commissions involved when we buy your house.  

0 Fees. We don’t collect any sort of fee when buying your house, as a matter of fact, we’ll even cover closing costs for you.

Cash. Paying cash helps us to simplify the process and allows us to the skip all of the bank hassles like appraisals and funding.

Building Relationships. People before profits is what is most important in every deal that we do. If you will not benefit from it, then its not a deal we will do. 

No Open Houses. Ditch the open houses with  countless people perusing around your house, we need just one look around and from there we can give you an offer.  

Professionalism. Every transaction is handled with the utmost attention to service and professionalism. We want you to have the best customer services experience possible.

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