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We buy houses Escondido CA and throughout the entirety of the beautiful state of California! Mrs. Property Solutions is one of the best options when you need to sell a house fast – we take care of all the headaches and logistics associated with selling a home, so that the process is a cinch for you and your family. We buy houses without any repairs necessary – even if there is something massively wrong with it, we can still give you a fair cash offer. When we buy houses Escondido CA, you can:

  • sell my house without any repairs
  • sell my house without providing commissions
  • sell my house without fees like closing costs
  • sell my house and pick my closing date

Selling to us is a process you may not be used to compared to the traditional way of listing with a real estate agent. We would like to buy your house, as if you were selling “by owner”.  When we buy houses Escondido CA, we pay cash for houses, making it easier for the both of us to come to an agreement that works, without interference from a bank. Banks, especially the larger ones, only cause more work and room for more issues to arise and delay the sale – or worse, cause it to collapse altogether.

When we buy houses Escondido CA, it’s our goal to offer a win-win way for you to sell your house fast, and to skip over all the annoyances that come with these paper work heavy transactions when you sell your house the traditional way.

The Simple Way We Buy Houses Escondido CA:

We Buy Houses Escondido CA
We Buy Houses Escondido CA

Call/text 310-658-8252 – OR, fill out our form on our site.

We’ll start with a friendly phone call to get to know you.

We’ll meet up and you’ll show us your property.

Receive a fair cash offer – Simple as that.

Tip: The sooner you call, the better! Property issues will worsen as you put them off.

Everyone has a unique reason for needing to sell a house fast for cash in Escondido CA. Over the years, we’ve worked with plenty of people to understand that no two deals are ever the same. But with the right game plan, we can have convoluted scenarios come to a quick and efficient close when we buy houses Escondido CA. Even if it ends up that we’re not the best option for you, we will assist you in finding a way to help. It’s Mrs. Property Solutions’ mission to leave every homeowner we work with in a better place than before we started working with them. 

Common Occurrences When We Buy Houses Escondido CA:

The greater part of people that we buy houses Escondido CA from have some of theses challenges going on congruently, which is the main reason why they need to sell a house fast.  If you are experiencing any of these challenges currently, you can feel safe that when we buy houses Escondido CA, we handle all of the issues for you, which will require no work on your part.

So, How About The Benefits?

We want to make everything as easy as possible for you. So when we buy houses Escondido CA, that means:

sell my house Escondido CA

A Fair Offer.  We give competitive offers – we understand that low balling people is a waste of everyone’s time. We’ll come in with a strong offer to begin with.

need to sell house fast Escondido CA

No Repairs Required. We are not required to put any money in or do any work to sell your house to us. We’re the professionals so just leave it to us.

sell your house fast Escondido CA

Close Fast. If you’re working against a deadline, we can make whatever time constraints you’re up against. 

sell my house fast Escondido CA

Zero Commission. Selling to us is basically you selling your house by owner, which means NO commissions.  

we buy houses cash Escondido CA

Zero Fees. Plain and simple, there’s no fees when you work with us. 

cash for houses Escondido CA

A Cash Sale. We are a professional cash home buyer in Los Angeles! 

we buy houses cash Escondido CA

We Value Respect. We believe in treating everyone respectfully, that’s how we hope we get treated too.

need to sell house fast Escondido CA

One Showing. We aim to keep everything as simple as possible, we just need to see the house once and from there we can give you an honest cash offer.

sell house with repairs Escondido CA

Professionalism. When you work with us, each case is handled with the highest sense of morality and integrity.

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Cash Home Buyer Los Angeles | 310-658-8252 | Mrs. Property Solutions Buys Houses

We realize that we buy houses Escondido CA is not going to be the ideal solution for every home seller, but more often than not we can figure out something for majority of our homeowners. This depends on your own personal needs and goals. For example, let’s say you just remodeled your home and are not under any pressure to get sell your house in the near future, and you’re looking to get retail value on your home. In this scenario, we would recommend you to a strong realtor with experience in your area in order to receive the highest price possible for your home.  We are in the business of solving property problems, and that’s how we bring forth value: in solving complicated property issues that you’d rather not deal with. We are a great solution if:

If the house needs work…

The most common types of properties we buy houses Escondido CA for are those in need of repairs – with good reason! Repairing a home can become an expensive and time consuming task. It nearly always ends up being more that what you initially budgeted for. If it’s more work and uncertainty than you are prepared to deal with, Mrs. Property Solutions is a great solution to sell my house fast Escondido CA! We buy houses Escondido CA as is in order to lift your burden and help make your life simpler than it was before you called us so we are prepared to go above and beyond when you sell your house.

If you need a fast sale…

If time isn’t on your side for whatever reason, whether it be foreclosure, divorce, job relocation, and you need to get rid of a house fast, that’s when selling to a professional home buyer in Escondido like Mrs. Property Solutions is the best move. Since traditional buyers are at the mercy of the bank and require a much longer escrow, it’s not uncommon for it to take up to three (3) months or longer before closing. When we buy houses Escondido CA, we pay in cash, so there’s no waiting on the bank’s approval and we close escrow in a matter of days. Plus you won’t have to go through the disaster that can be appraisals, home inspections, termite inspections, or repairs, just a clean and fast sale when  we buy houses Escondido CA!

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