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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

If you’ve tried selling a house the traditional way in the past, then you most likely recall the lengthy process. This is where Mrs. Property Solutions can assist and save you valuable time: we cut the process dramatically down and provide a way for you to sell your house in a matter of days, not months. Yet at the same time, if you need to do it in a few weeks, or months we can do that as well. We buy houses Redondo Beach CA and throughout California, focusing on Southern California where we reside – despite the actual condition of the home and any of the problems of which may be associated with it. We deliver all this plus offer you a fair price for your property – and we skip all the hassles so there isn’t a burden on you! No fixing the property, no waiting on loans and no 3% to the buying and selling agent. When we buy houses in Redondo Beach CA, there will be:

  • no fees..
  • no repairs..
  • no commissions..
  • no closing costs..
  • and you can pick the close date

It’s important to understand that our services, “we buy houses in Redondo Beach CA”, is quite unique from the typical real estate transaction you may be used too – when a realtor “lists” your house on the MLS. A realtor’s main objective is to find you a buyer, Mrs. Property Solutions is your buyer – we want to buy your property right away, no games. When we buy houses Redondo Beach CA, we buy them with cash, no loans or financing are needed! This makes the process so much easier it’s hard to place a value on it. There are no inspections, appraisals or any other kinds of bank contingencies that will only hold up the deal, which slows down the process.

We will only ever create deals that both of us will profit from when you sell a house fast for cash in Redondo Beach CA. We take on all the unfun details of the deal, to make selling your property a breeze on you. We truly will do whatever it takes so that your experience with us is a positive, memorable experience. We also aim to keep the process simple:

Sell A Redondo Beach CA House Fast – 4 Steps

  1. Let us know that you’re interested! You can call us at 310-658-8252 or complete any of the short forms on this site.
  2. We’ll reach out to you for a friendly phone call to get more information on your house and see what you’d like to accomplish.
  3. We’ll go out to the house and check it out so that we are able to offer you a fair price for your house.
  4. You’ll get a written offer and then the ball is in your court:  you can accept it or pass! No obligations or pressure.

!Note!: Even if you’re only curious to see what we would offer – or – if you have a major problem on the property and you’d like to speak about it, get in touch with us! We’re here to help.

Once we evaluate the situation, the main reason, time and time again, are that people must sell their house fast in Redondo Beach CA because there’s a problem attached to it. Those kinds of headaches can make it a bit tricky to sell a house on the open market –  which allows our solution to buy your house as-is with cash, a much easier fix. We’ve been blessed to help dozens of people every year solve their real estate issues, and we have become pretty efficient at it. When you want to sell a problem house fast in Redondo Beach CA, we can assist immediately – even if something’s wrong. It’s the mission of our company to leave each homeowner we speak with in a better position because they decided to contact us. 

We Buy Houses Redondo Beach CA – Some Typical Situations

When we buy houses Redondo Beach CA, we can work our way through any of these issues for you in no time at all! To be honest, most folks we buy houses from in Redondo Beach CA have at least two of the issues above going on simultaneously. And it’s important to pounce quickly in these types of situations when there is so much going on with the house because those issues may worsen the longer that you put it off.

But you needn’t worry about a single thing! We will deal with all the details and paperwork when we buy houses Redondo Beach CA.  Leave it to the professionals!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

How About The Benefits?

At the end of the day, you need to go with the option that is right for you and your situation. Here’s what we can offer:

A Fair Price.  All our offers are based on  the condition of the house, no low ball offers here!

No Repairs. Don’t pump anymore money into the house, we can take care of everything from here so you don’t even have to do any cleaning. 

Close Quick. We can close in just a matter of days – instead of months! If you have any deadlines your up against, let us know and we’ll make sure your house is sold by the date that you need! 

Skip Commissions. You will not be charged a dime by us to sell your house – we’re the ones giving you money, not the other way around.  

Skip The Fees, Too. There are not any hidden fees, we even cover all the closing costs for you! 

We Pay Cash. We pay in cash to keep the deal simple.  That way we don’t have to deal with banks hassles or waiting, we’re ready to go right away!  

Building Relationships. Our aim is building relationships for the long run – so we treat all of our “customers” with honesty & understanding. 

No Open Houses.  Hiring a realtor means people in and out of your house for months. Selling to us means just one showing before we can give you a fair offer. 

Professionalism. We’ve heard time and again that the best part of working with us is our attention to professionalism and detail. 

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