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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

We buy houses El Monte CA as well as throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area (along with the rest of SoCal). Our main priority is to make the sale of your home easy and stress-free, while at the same time making sure that you get a fair and honest price. The majority of the houses that we buy from people have some kind of problem that’s going on with the property, and whatever that problem is, we do everything in our power to transfer the burden of the problem onto ourselves so you no longer “have to deal with it”. You can just sit back and wait for your check. When you sell your house fast El Monte CA, that means:

  • NO commissions
  • NO fees
  • NO closing costs
  • you make NO repairs

Selling your house to us is very different from how people traditionally sell their houses. In most cases, people “list” their property with a realtor, which is when you are giving them permission to market the property with the hope that they will find a buyer. When you sell to Mrs. Property Solutions, we are flat out buying the property directly from you, as if you were selling your house by owner. When we buy houses El Monte CA we pay in cash, so we can move the process along much quicker than if you were in a traditional sale. This allows us to accommodate your needs and the term’s that you need. When selling to us, you are definitely going to get a convenience factor that is non-existent by a regular type of sale.

It will always be our aim to exceed your expectations and make selling your house stress-free and headache-free! When we talk, let us know how we can go above and beyond to help you. Seriously, you’d be surprised what some people ask for that we can deliver on (we once bought a hoarder house… with everything in it!). So take the first step to fill out our form, after that, we’ll pretty much handle everything from there.

Here’s how the process looks when We Buy Houses in El Monte CA

  1. Complete our short form (better yet, call us at 310-658-8252)
  2. We’ll call you to talk about your house and how we could help.
  3. We’ll go check out the house to see what we’re working with.

Tip: Property problems have a way of growing worse the longer you avoid them. If you delay too long, it can start to drain away at your equity, so when you make a decision to sell, ACT!

People have all sorts of crazy reasons for having to sell their houses quickly El Monte and no two situations are ever the same. But rest assured, we are able to work with all of them. There isn’t any situation that is too complicated that we won’t take on for you when we buy houses El Monte CA. Regardless if we buy your house or not, Mrs. Property Solutions is committed to help you work out all of your property problems. It’s our mission to leave every homeowner in a better situation than when we found them in…whether we buy your house or not!

Some common situations when we buy houses in El Monte CA

In reality, we buy houses El Monte CA from people who likely have several of these situations going on. That’s ‘cuz when there’s one problem is, more will surely follow! Which can really make it a challenge to sell the house to a “normal” buyer, because they are looking for turn-key houses that they can move right into. But when we buy houses in El Monte CA we are buying them specifically to do the work because that’s what we do: flip houses. We take old and rundown homes and then make them top of the line! That’s why we don’t mind if it needs some work – that’s the sort of houses we look for. Of course, we’ll also buy houses even if they don’t need any work at all.

We’re real estate pros that are just very good at solving property problems. Since this is all that we do, we have systems in order to deal with this stuff much easier than it is for an average homeowner. And since we’ve helped so many other people with their property problems, we’re sure we can help you! There isn’t a problem too large when we buy houses El Monte CA!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

The BENEFITS when selling your house to MRS. PROPERTY SOLUTIONS

Home sellers choose us over the competition for many reasons. That’s because when we buy houses, there are tons of benefits, for instance:

Best Offer.  We get good deals on labor and materials so we are able to pay you a little more for your house than the competition. 

Don’t Make Repairs. Leave the house just the way it is when you sell to us. This way, more money stays back in your pocket. 

Close Fast. We will make every arrangement possible to close on the date that you pick. 

Zero Commission. You won’t waste money on “middle-man”. No commission at all.

Zero Closing Costs. Closing costs will usually run sellers up to 2 or 3%. Not with us, we’ll cover them for you.

Cash Only. We pay in cash so we can act quickly and skip the bank requirements. 

Honest & Fair. If we believe there’s a better option available to you besides selling to us, we’ll tell you so.  

Just One Showing. After seeing your property once, we can give you a fair and honest offer.

Professionalism. All of our offer’s are guaranteed and we follow through on our agreements.  

Is selling to We buy houses El Monte CA company my best option?

Honestly, it really depends on your situation and what you are trying to accomplish. If your house is newly renovated and now you have plenty of time to wait around for the best offer possible, then great, that’s what you should do! If that’s your case, then maybe hiring a realtor is something you should look at.

We buy houses El Monte CA to help homeowners solve their property problems. That’s where we bring value: we take on the complex property problems that most people don’t want to deal with. We’re a great solution if you:

Need to Sell Quickly

If time isn’t a luxury that you have and you are looking for a guaranteed, fast way to sell your house, then Mrs. Property Solutions can definitely help you out. We just need to see your house once and then we’re able to get you a fair and honest offer and then close in just a few weeks. If you’ve sold or bought a house before, you know that that’s not typically how fast it is. That’s because most buyers are using a loan to purchase the property, and when the banks are giving out a loan they have a laundry list of items that need to be completed before they will fund the loan (think appraisals or inspections). And through that process, there are lots of things that can happen or fall through and nothing is ever certain.

That’s why when we buy houses El Monte CA, we pay cash. It makes the process a lot easier and allows us to skip all of the bank requirements that really drag everything down. This way we are better able to accommodate the homeowners we work with and make things easier on them. Of course, there are never any obligations to accept our offer, and you will never be pressured. That is not our style. If you like the offer and want to move forward then great! We will do everything we are able to work with your wishes when we buy houses El Monte CA.

Houses that need Work

By far, the most popular houses we buy are ones that need some work – and with good reason! Major repairs can get very expensive and most people don’t have that kind of money sitting around. Plus, it’s a lot of work and effort to put into something that you are just going to turn around and sell, especially if you don’t already have the know-how. If you decide to list your house with a realtor, most of them will suggest that you do make those repairs first, otherwise, you run the risk of bringing in “low-ball” offers.

If that sounds like too much work to you, then working with Mrs. Property Solutions will be a great solution. In the long run, you will save them money, time and headaches – and you will still get a fair offer to your home. That’s the great part about selling to us, you hand over the property – along with all its problems – and you don’t have to deal with any of the mess. We buy houses El Monte CA to help you get away from the problem and cash in on the solution. Fill out our form to start! Trust us, it will get a lot easier once you do!


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