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No Repairs. No Fees. No Commissions.

Get a GUARANTEED Fair Offer – You Choose The Closing Date. We Pay All Costs!

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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

We buy houses Whittier CA and all around Southern California! If you’re looking for an option to sell your house quickly, Mrs. Property Solutions will make the process very simple for you. It’s our goal to buy your house, along with any problems it might have, so you don’t have to handle any of the dirty work. When we buy, that means:

  • You’ll make NO repairs
  • You’ll pay NO commissions
  • We pay ALL closing costs
  • A Quick Close

When Mrs. Property Solutions buys houses that means we are buying it directly from you, essentially you are “selling by owner”. When we buy houses, we pay cash – this is how we are able to make decisions and close quickly- because we are not working with a bank. It’s how we are able to skip things like inspections, appraisals, and waiting for funding.

When we buy houses Whittier CA, we take it as our responsibility to lift the burden from you and handle all the logistics and tediousness that usually comes with selling a house. It’s truly our aspiration to not just meet your needs, but also go above and beyond. So please tell us anything we can do to ensure you have the best experience possible.

The Simple Process when We Buy Houses Whittier CA

  1. Complete the short form (or call 310-658-8252)
  2. We’ll have a friendly phone call to talk about your house and how we can help.
  3. We’ll meet at the house so you can give us a tour.

Tip: Acting quickly is key! Property problems have a tendency to get worse the longer you put them off. The longer you wait, you could be draining equity!

There are probably 100 different reasons why you might have to sell your house fast in Whittier CA – out of all the people we’ve worked with, no two deals have ever been the same. We’ve help so many other people get rid of their problem properties, we’re confident we can do the same for you when we buy houses Whittier CA. Even if it turns out that we don’t buy your house, we’re committed to helping you through any property problems you have, whether that means assistance with foreclosure or whatever else it might be, it’s our mission to leave every home owner we work with in a better situation than where we found them. Check out some of the things we can help with…

Common Situations When We Buy Houses Whittier CA

Frankly, most folks we buy houses from having a handful of these problems attached to their houses. What’s important to know, we handle all of them! There isn’t any problem that’s too big that we won’t work through!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

The Benefits of Selling to MRS. PROPERTY SOLUTIONS

When we buy houses Whittier CA, the following applies:

Best Offer.  We want to give you the highest offer we can, we just need to make sure it makes sense for us too. 

An “AS-IS” Sale. Sell your house without having to do any  dirty work! That’s right, not even cleaning! 

Close Fast. We can operate in any timeline you request, even 10 days if you need! 

No Commissions. Since you aren’t listing your house, you won’t pay a dime in commissions!.

No Fees. There are never any fees when working with us. We pay you, not the other way around. We’ll even pick up the closing costs.

We Pay Cash. Paying cash is how we skip the hoops that banks make other buyers jump through. That’s how we can keep everything simple.

Respect. It should go without saying that everyone we work with is treated with the utmost respect.

Just 1 Showing. To give you a fair offer, we just need to see the house once.

Professional Experience. Integrity and honesty come first – in EVERY deal we do.

Is selling to Mrs. Property Solutions the best option for You?

To answer this question, you really need to look at your situation and what it is you would like to achieve during the sale of your house. If your house recently underwent major renovations and you want to wait it out until you get an offer at the top of the market, then working with a realtor might be your best move.

We buy houses Whittier CA to help folks solve property problemsThat’s the value in our services: we’ll take on the complex property problems that homeowners would rather not deal with. When you sell a house to us you are getting a convenience factor you won’t anywhere else.  Mrs. Property Solutions will be a great fit if:

You need a quick sale.

When time is working against you and you need a way to sell your house that is fast and guaranteed, then we’re it! As I’m sure you know, most real estate transactions are not that simple, it could take months and there is never anything such as a guarantee. That’s because the majority of buyers out there need to use a loan to buy a house. But we’re paying in cash, so we can skip all the bank gimmicks like inspections, appraisals, and approvals – everything that causes deals to fall through. That’s how when we buy houses Whittier CA, we’re able to accommodate you, our customers, and do everything on your timeline – as quickly as you need. We have even been able to close in just 10 days.

The house needs work.

These are without a doubt the most popular houses we buy! This is completely understandable given the fact that home improvement ts get very costly and also involve some level of skill. Even when you understand what you’re doing, a huge amount of effort is required and with such busy lives we have, not everyone has the time for that.

If you are faced with a house that needs more work than you’d like to admit, that is what we are there for! When we buy houses in Whittier CA, we buy them exactly as they are… as well as any problems that goes along with it. Our solution gives you a way to cash out the equity without having to put in the work. When you choose to work with us, you’re getting the convenience bonus that is second to none.


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