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We buy houses Long Beach CA and everywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our job is to make it easy for you to sell your house in Long Beach. So when we buy your house, we buy all the problems that go along with it –  so that you don’t have to deal with any of it. We promise to give you a fair price for your house and to take away the headache! When we buy houses Long Beach CA, that means you:

  • Don’t make any repairs
  • Don’t pay any commissions or fees
  • You pick the close date

We see it as our role to provide you with the best solution to sell your home fast and for a good price – without having to “list it” on the the open market with a realtor or agent. We’ll always pay with cash when we buy houses in Long Beach CA – we do that so we can close quickly (in just 10 days). We get it – your goal is to get the best offer available so you can cash your check and move on with life…. so let us help you do that!

We will always go above and beyond your expectations to make the process to sell your house easy. That means we shift the burden from you to us so you won’t have to deal with any of those loose ends. Most of the time, just taking the action to complete our short form is the harder part…but we promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s what the process is like when We Buy Houses in Long Beach CA

  1. Call 310-658-8252 or fill out the short form
  2. We’ll call you and get to know you to see how we can best serve you.
  3. We’ll meet at the house so we can see it.

Tip: Putting off property problems has this way of building up and getting worse if you put them off. Act quickly! If you stall too long, it can start draining your equity!

We always hear about tons of new reasons that people having for needing to sell their house in Long Beach CA. The great news is we’ll help with all of them, we buy houses Long Beach CA no matter what the condition is! Whether we buy your house or not, Mrs. Property Solutions is committed to helping homeowners work through their property problems. It’s our goal to leave every homeowner in a better situation than where we found them…whether we buy your property or not!

Common Situations Where People Need to Sell their House in Long Beach CA

It doesn’t matter which of these house problems you may be facing. In truth, the majority of people we buy houses Long Beach CA from face several of these problems and that makes it hard for them to sell their property on the open market. That’s why selling to Mrs. Property Solutions is different.. we don’t care about what the condition of your house is like, we’ll still buy it! We buy houses in Long Beach CA exactly as they are! It won’t matter what is wrong it – think of it as our problem now, not yours! We’re the professionals that are trained to handle these problems. We’ve helped lots of other home owners before and we know we can help you too! There no problem that’s too big or no challenge that we won’t accept!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!


Home sellers choose us over the competition for many reasons. That’s because when we buy houses, there are tons of benefits, for instance:

We Pay More.  Since we flip so many houses, we’re able to get wholesale deals, and we pass what we save back to you. 

We Buy “AS-IS”. You won’t be required to make repairs or do any work to the house before you sell to us.

Quick Close. Since we pay with cash, that translates to a quick close! If you need to be paid in a week, we’ll do our best and meet your expectation! 

Pay NO Commissions, Instead of handing over thousands to a realtor, that money goes right back into your pocket.

ZERO Fees. In normal sales, closing costs come to about 2% of your sales price. If you sell to us, we’ll cover closing costs for you. 

Cash Close. Cash is king for a reason, that reason is so we’re not at the mercy of the banks.

Fair & Honest. We treat everyone fairly and honestly, because that’s how we’d like to be treated. If we think there’s a better option out there for you, we’ll let you know. 

No Constant Showings. We’ll set an appointment (expect it to be about 30 min’s long) to see the house and then that’s it! You’ll receive an offer after that.

We’re Professionals. We’ve helped so many people in situations like you, and we know how to work out with the kinds of issues you face.

Is selling to a We Buy Houses Long Beach CA company the best choice?

We’re the first to admit: selling your house to a company like Mrs. Property Solutions isn’t the best decision in every case. For instance, if your house was recently upgraded throughout, you’re in no hurry to close the sale and you have the luxury of time to wait for the best offer possible, then hiring a real estate agent is likely be your best option. We buy houses Long Beach CA to help solve property problems. That’s where we create our value: solving complex property problems that normal homeowners don’t have the time or money to deal with. We are the perfect solution if:

You need to sell NOW.

Time isn’t a luxury that everyone has. If you need your property off your hands A.S.A.P (like, yesterday), then selling your property to a home buyer like Mrs. Property Solutions will be the quickest way to get it off your hands. In most traditional sales (selling with a real estate agent) more often than not, the buyer is using a loan to close on the property. Which translates to: they are playing by the rules of the bank (and as you know there’s a lot of rules). If the bank is making the loan, it’s not uncommon for it to take 3 to 6 months to close, or in other cases, fall through completely.

Unlike a traditional sale, Mrs. Property Solutions will pay in cash and won’t need assistance from a bank to close. That’s how we’re able to bypass the bank requirements (such as inspections and appraisals) and we can pull the trigger when its necessary. After we seen the property with our contractor, we’ll be able to give you a fair offer right on the spot (or the next day if there’s anything we need to look into). And of course, there’s no sort of obligations that you have to accept our offer. But if you decide that you like the offer, then great! We’ll open escrow immediately and soon after you’ll have a check in hand! If you decide you need more time, that’s no problem, we’ll do whatever is necessary to accommodate your schedule when we buy your house in Long Beach CA.

The property needs a LOT of work.

If your home has lots of repairs that need to be made, it’s easy for them to add up and get expensive. Materials and labor don’t come cheap, even if you know what you’re doing. But another aspect to be prepared for are unexpected costs – which, pretty much always come up when you’re trying to fix a house. If you plan on putting the house “on the MLS”, expect your real estate agent to encourage you to make all those repairs before you list it on the MLS. Which actually isn’t bad advice. Houses with repairs needed don’t always preform well on the market so be prepared for some low-ball offers.

The great news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. If this just sounds like headaches you’d rather not handle, save the headaches and resources- sell to us instead. These are exactly the type of properties we’re prepared to deal with. We have process’ in place and connections with contractors that make handling these property problems easier than it is for the average home owner. We buy houses Long Beach CA to help people get rid of the nagging problem – and we will pay you a fair price for them! Selling to Mrs. Property Solutions is easy, to find out just how easy, start off by filling out our form below or calling us directly at 310-658-8252.


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