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No Repairs. No Fees. No Commissions. Just More Cash In Your Pocket.

We Promise To Give You A Fast, Fair Offer – You Choose The Closing Date. We Pay All Costs!

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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

We buy houses Gardena CA and all throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Selling your house fast in Gardena is simple when you sell to Mrs. Property Solutions. Our goal to take the whole problem off your hands so that you don’t have to deal with any of it. When we buy houses Gardena CA, that means that you:

  • Don’t make any repairs
  • Don’t pay any commissions or fees – we even pay the closing costs!
  • Can choose your closing date

We’re professional homebuyers that offer a positive solution to sell your house without using a realtor. We pay in cash when we buy houses in Gardena CA  so that we’re able to close quickly (sometimes in just 10 days) that way you can collect your cash and move on.

Best of all, when we buy houses in Gardena CA we do everything to make the process is easy for you! To get started, all you need to do is fill out our short form!

Here’s the process when We Buy Houses Gardena CA

  1. Fill out our short form or call us at 310-658-8252
  2. We’ll talk on the phone so we can get to know you and see how we can help your situation
  3. We meet to see the house.

Tip: Remember to act quickly! Situations have a tendency to get worse the longer we put them off. The longer you wait, the more you will be draining your hard-earned equity!

There are many different reasons why you may be looking for someone to buy your house fast in Gardena CA – the best part is we can help with all of them. Whether we buy your house or not, Mrs. Property Solutions is committed to helping you work through your property problems. It is our goal to leave every homeowner in a better situation than where we found them. Whether we buy your house or not!

Some of the common situations the houses we buy in Gardena CA have

Whatever your situation is, we are able to help! The truth is, the majority of people we buy houses from having a combination of these problems, which makes it hard for them to sell their property the “normal way”. But Mrs. Property Solutions can help with them all! We buy houses Gardena CA no matter the condition or the situation that’s attached to it! It doesn’t matter if you live the house, or you’re renting it out, whether it’s vacant, or not even habitable. We have helped homeowners with all kinds of situations and we can help you too! There’s no problem too big that we won’t tackle for you when we buy houses Gardena CA!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

The Benefits of selling with “MRS. PROPERTY SOLUTIONS

Gardena CA home sellers choose us over the competition for many reasons. The benefits of selling your house to a we buy houses Gardena CA company like Mrs. Property Solutions are:

Home sellers choose us over the competition for many reasons. That’s because when we buy houses, there are tons of benefits, for instance:

We Pay More.  Since we have good relationships with contractors, we’re get wholesale prices and can pass the savings on to you. 

We Buy “AS-IS”. We want your property just as it is, meaning you won’t lift a finger to make any repairs.

Fast Close. Paying cash allows us to close fast. If you need to close in a week, that’s possible. If you need time, no problem! 

No Commissions. No one wants to pay thousands of dollars to a realtor. They’re job is finding a buyer. We are your buyer. Selling to us saves thousands.

No Fees. There’s never any fees when working with us. We pay you, not the other way around. We’ll even pay the closing costs.

We Pay Cash. Cash is king. This allows us to skip the laundry list a bank requires. This keep things simple and lets us close quickly.

Upfront & Honest. If we think you’d be better off selling to someone else, we’ll be upfront and tell you so. 

No Showings. When you sell to us, we come over to see it once and that’s it! As opposed to being constantly disrupted every few days if you sell your house on the market.

Professional Experience. We’ve helped lots of homeowners through hard situations and we know that we can do the same for you.

Is selling to a we buy houses Gardena CA company right for me?

We are the first ones to admit that selling to Mrs. Property Solutions may not the right decision for everyone. If your house was recently remodeled and you have all the time in the world for it to sit on the market, then by all means, hiring a realtor may be the best move for you! We buy houses Gardena CA to help you solve a property problem. So selling to us is an awesome decision if…

You need a fast sale

If you need a quick close, selling to a professional home buying company really is your fastest option. In a traditional sale, other buyers will need a loan – which means they’re at the mercy of the bank. When banks are involved, it’s easy for the transaction to take more than 3 months to close, or worse, completely fall through. Buyers with a loan need to follow bank instructions: have the home inspected, get an appraisal, etc.

When you sell to us, since we pay cash, we’re ready to go pretty much right away. We’re not waiting on approval from a bank so there’s no need for inspections and appraisals. We’ll come check out the house and from there we’ll be able to come to a fair price. If you accept, great! Our typical escrow is 10 business days, but if you need to money sooner or later, we can accommodate and do everything we can to buy your house Gardena CA on your timeframe.

The property needs work

If your home has repairs that need to be made, fixing them can be costly. The materials and labor alone are a big chunk but another area people can forget is budgeting for the unforeseen problems that will surely arise. And when you sell your house on the market, most realtors are going to really encourage you to make those repairs before listing.

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, just save the headache and let us handle it. When you sell to us, we buy houses in Gardena CA exactly as they are. Which in turn, can actually put more money back into your pocket. It simplifies the process and takes away all the stress when you need to sell my house fast Gardena CA.


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