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Are you trying to figure out a way to sell a house fast? At Mrs. Property Solutions we buy houses that are in an array of conditions to sell quickly in Modesto, or anywhere in California. When we buy houses Modesto CA, we make it our only job to provide you a way for you to sell your house fast and easy. We take absolute pride in having the tools to help you to get rid of any property problem you are facing and in return give you straight cash for your property – while also keeping your costs down (no commissions, no closing costs, no repairs) and give you a problem free solution and experience. With every homeowner, we take on the difficult work on the back end, including all the little headaches you don’t need to worry about it. When we buy houses Modesto CA, you get:

  • no fees..
  • no repairs..
  • no commissions..
  • no closing costs..
  • to pick your closing date

How we buy houses Modesto CA is completely unique compared to what you might think of as the traditional real estate model. Usually, sellers use a realtor who place your property on what they call the “MLS” – the difference is, we want to just purchase it from you. When we buy houses Modesto CA, we buy houses with cash so that we can structure a deal that works for you and us – without getting interference from a corporate bank – banks only slow down the deal – or worse, cause it to fall through completely.

When we buy houses Modesto CA, our only goal is to create a win-win deal for all parties involved, so you can sell your house fast for cash. It’s also our job to handle all the paperwork throughout the house selling process, so you have an easy time selling your house and focus on more important things. We will do everything we can to go above and beyond so that you can have a great, smooth experience with us. Best of all, we keep the process very simple:

Sell A House Fast Modesto CA – 4 Easy Steps:

We Buy Houses Modesto CA
We Buy Houses Modesto CA

Reach out to us! Call 310-658-8252 or you can complete the short form on our site.

We’ll have a friendly phone call to chat about your house.

We’ll go out to check out your house in person.

From there, we can make you a fair, cash offer!

Note! : Accepting your offer is entirely up to you, and you won’t get any tricky, sales tactics from us, either. That’s just not our style.

Since we launched our company in the real estate industry, we’ve had the absolute privilege of assists dozens and dozens of people work through a wide array of property issues. We’ve dealt with about every real estate nightmare you could imagine. Of course, this is wonderful news for you. If you need to sell a problem house fast in Modesto CA, we can assist quickly – regardless of what is going on with the house. We can cater around your individual needs to find a solution you’ll benefit from when we buy houses Modesto CA.  It is our mission and goal to leave every homeowner we speak within a better position for having worked with us, or merely just talking to us. Regardless if we buy your house or not. 

We Buy Houses Modesto CA – Common Concerns:

When we buy houses Modesto CA, nearly every house will have a combination of several of these problems – that’s why they need to sell fast before any more obstacles arise! If you’re suffering from these types of problems and are concerned that will make it hard to sell, you don’t need to worry! All of these are issues we can handle when we buy houses Modesto CA. Leave it to the professionals!

What’s The Benefits Of Selling To Us?

Our mindset is to make it easy for you to sell your house- regardless of how hard that makes our job. Here’s what we can offer you:

sell house fast Modesto CA

A Fair Offer.  We give you a fair offer that is based upon the condition of your property, plain and simple.

need to sell house fast Modesto CA

You Make No Repairs. You don’t need to put another dime into the property – that is for us to worry about when you sell to us!

sell house fast cash Modesto CA

A Quick Closing. We can close and get cash in your hands in a matter of days, not months! 

sell my house fast cash Modesto CA

Skip The Commissions. A realtor will charge you 6% to sell your house for you – we won’t charge you a dime.  

we buy houses fast cash Modesto CA

And Skip The Fees Too. There are absolutely zero fees to work with us, plain and simple! 

cash for houses Modesto CA

We Pay Cash. Cash is how we keep everything simple – no banks and no waiting, we have money ready to go.  

we buy houses cash fast Modesto CA

Building Relationships. We’re interested in building relationships for the long run – the key to this is honesty & trust. 

need to sell house fast Modesto CA

No Open Houses. We only need to see your house once before we can make you an offer – no open houses or having people coming in and out for months. 

sell house with repairs Modesto CA

Professionalism. We believe in bringing value and helping each homeowner we work with, with the highest attention to professionalism and class.

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