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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

If you have sold a house before, then you know the exhaustion that can set in with selling your home. That is the exact problem Mrs. Property Solutions can take off your shoulders: we buy houses fast – on whatever schedule you want! We buy houses San Jose CA and throughout the state of California – regardless of the condition, appearance, or any issues that might be going on with the home like faulty pipes or a collapsed roof. We can get you your money swiftly and still give you a fair price for your home – we also will skip over all the difficulties that way you are able to walk away with the most money in your hand’s headache-free and fast! When we buy houses San Jose CA, that means there will be:

  • zero fees..
  • no repairs..
  • zero commissions..
  • no closing costs..
  • and you choose the closing date

We should inform you that the services we offer when, “we buy houses San Jose CA“, is different than what you may be familiar with compared to the typical real estate transaction where a realtor “lists” your house. A realtor’s focus is to find you a buyer, but Mrs. Property Solutions is a buyer – we purchase your property as-is and close as fast as possible. When we buy houses San Jose CA, we’ll deal with all the paperwork, meetings and dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s” so that you have a simple process.

When we buy houses in San Jose CA, it is our main focus to create deals that everyone within the collaboration will benefit from when we provide cash for houses in San Jose CA. We’ll do whatever it takes so that you have an uplifting and memorable experience. It is also our intention to keep the process as easy as possible:

Sell My San Jose CA House Fast – 4 Steps

  1. Reach out to us via calling 310-658-8252 or completing the short form on our site.
  2. We’ll start with a friendly phone call so we can get more information on the property and what you’d like to happen.
  3. We’ll take a trip out to your property so we can come to a fair offer.
  4. If we come to an agreement, then we’ll draw up documents to open escrow.

Everyone has a unique circumstance in why they want to sell their home, and regardless of what that may be, there are two main benefits we have: speed and easiness. We can close on your time, whatever that is, and we will handle all the paperwork, while working with the escrow officer so that the only items needed from you, are your authorization and signatures. The main reason people need to sell their house fast in San Jose CA is because there’s something off with it, or a situation needing quickness, where the banks only slow the process down.

We Buy Houses San Jose CA – Common Situations

When we buy houses San Jose CA, we have the ability to handle any of  these concerns! So whether you’re dealing with a mortgage payment problem, need to move yesterday, or if the house simply needs lot of work… we’ll take care of it! And we will do it on the time frame you need and take care of all the details. Leave it to the professionals!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

How About The Benefits?

At the end of the day or week, you need to go with the option that is best for you and your situation. Here’s what we offer:

Fair Offer.  Our offers are based on the condition of the property. 

No Repairs. Sell your house without having to do any repairs and save your money for your future.

Close Fast. We work within your schedule and close as quickly as you may need – or give you extra time if you need that too!

No Real Estate Commissions. Seriously, none. Nope!

No Fees, Either. There are no forms or hidden fees, we’ll even take care of the closing costs!

All Cash. This keeps the deal easy and is how we can move your house quickly when you’re ready to go!  

Making Relationships. We treat all our clients with honesty and understanding because we want to forge a relationship for the long haul. 

No Showings.  Instead of having people at your house for months on end, we only need a single appointment before we can buy your house. 

Professionalism. We take the highest level of pride in conducting every deal with honestly and professionalism.

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