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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

We buy houses Oakland CA and everywhere else in California At Mrs. Property Solutions, our goal is to offer you a simple and easy solution to sell your house fast – by offering a basic process, where we handle the majority of the work that comes with selling and buying a house. In the meantime, you can sit back and relax, enjoying your new-found free time. We buy houses Oakland CA without any repairs needed, regardless of the house is falling over, or hasn’t been updated since it was initially built, and we will still offer you a fair price. When we buy houses Oakland CA, that means:

  • you Don’t make repairs…
  • you Don’t pay fees…
  • you Don’t pay closing costs…
  • you Don’t pay commission…
  • you DO pick your close date…

Without our type of service, you would most like sell your house on the real estate market, which can be time-consuming. We are looking for houses to buy, with cash, and to avoid placing your house “on the market”. By going through the MLS, which is where houses are displayed through the traditional real estate process, more and more issues can arise from bank loans, constant walkthroughs and the back and forth of dealing with a buyer’s offers, or worst yet, not hearing any at all. When we buy houses, we pay the entire value in cash to avoid the banks and work for a smooth process that allows everything to move more quickly. Our job when we buy houses Oakland CA, is to give you an easy method of selling your house. We will make sure that you have a great experience when you sell your home.

There’s 4 Simple Steps To Sell Your House Fast Oakland CA

  1. Reach out by calling 310-658-8252 or you can complete the short form on our page.
  2. We’ll initiate a friendly phone call so you can tell us about the property.
  3. After a call, we’ll go out to see the house.
  4. After that, you’ll get your fair cash offer!

Please Note: If you want to do business with us, wonderful, it’s entirely your choice. You won’t get pressured by us, that’s simply not our style.

We have been helping with homeowners for years in situations similar to the ones above, which are most likely related to the issue that you are currently going through. With our years of experience, we understand and have the knowledge to know everyone has a unique reason for wanting to sell a house fast for cash in Oakland CA. We want to utilize every possible idea or tool we have to assist you with the house selling process. No matter the headaches that may come from selling we will help you with your house when we buy houses in Oakland CA. If you’re better off with someone else such as a real estate agent, we’ll pt you in touch with the right person for the job. It is our goal to make sure that each person we speak with is better off for having talked to us.  

We Buy Houses in Oakland CA – Scan Below For The Most Common Issues and See if Any Apply to Your Situation

We buy houses Oakland CA directly from the owner on the deed. We know there will likely be at least one of these problems above, if not several of them, in every situation we deal with. It could be a simple concept as a modern upgrade, or something much more complicated like fire damage and a possible rebuild. These are all common reasons owners choose to sell their house fast. If you have any of the problems listed, or even if it’s not listed, know there is never a problem we won’t work with you on when we buy houses Oakland CA. Leave it to Mrs. Property Solutions – the everyday professionals. We’ll handle it for you!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

How About The Benefits?

Home sellers choose us over the competition for many reasons. That’s because when we buy houses, there are tons of benefits, for instance:

A Strong Offer.  We know that price is usually the primary factor when you decide to sell your house…we get it. You’ll be provided a strong offer from us from the beginning.

No Repairs Needed. We flip houses, so we’re used to all of the dirty work. Leave it to us instead of trying to do the repairs yourself.

A Fast Closing. If you’re out of time and need to be out fast, let us know so we can close on your schedule.

Zero Commissions. Put thousands back in your pocket, you are selling by owner and we don’t charge a commission.

Zero Fees. Zip, Zero, Zilch. There will NEVER be any fees associated with our solution when you work with us. We will even take care of the closing costs for you.

Cash. We complete every transaction with 100% cash so everything is as simple and fast as it can be. No banks!

Create Relationships. We value each homeowner we deal with and plan to build a lasting relationship built on honesty and trust. 

No Open Houses. Skip the headache of people trekking through your house. Give us one look and we will make you an offer.  

Professionalism. We put a great amount of pride into each deal we do. We will stand by our word and keep every agreement we make.

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