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Introduction | Mrs. Property Solutions

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Are you searching for an easy fix to sell your house fast? Mrs. Property Solutions is a professional house buying business that serves Corona and all other areas of Southern California. When we buy houses Corona CA, our goal is to deliver a quick and efficient solution to selling your home. What we’re really fantastic at is giving you a stress-free way to sell fast and to keep your costs low. Above that, we also take care of all of the usual disasters and inconveniences that need to be handled when selling real estate. That means you’ll get the advantages of:

  • not making any repairs..
  • not paying any fees
  • not paying any closing costs
  • not paying any commissions
  • picking your closing date

The process that we use to buy houses Corona CA, is unique compared to how real estate is traditionally purchased. We are only curious about buying your house, not “listing” it like realtors do. When you sell your house to us, we always pay using cash; cash allows us to make decisions immediately and jump over all of the bank procedures, which end up extending the process – or worse – cause it to collapse altogether.

When we buy houses Corona CA, our ultimate focus is to make win-win deals that everyone will benefit from when you sell your house fast for cash. We also take it upon ourselves to do all of the work so you won’t need to worry about an absolute thing. We will go above and beyond to make sure you have a simple process.

Sell Your House Fast Corona CA Just Follow this4 Easy Steps

  1. Start the process by calling 310-658-8252 or complete the short form on our page.
  2. Second, we’ll hop on a friendly phone call that way you can talk about your property.
  3. Then we’ll go out and see the property.
  4. Lastly, receive a fair offer!

 Note: Accepting an offer is completely your choice. The balls always in your court without any pressure from us, that just isn’t our style.

Since starting this company years ago, we’ve helped numerous people solve their endless property headaches, so we truly comprehend how each situation is unique for needing to sell a house fast for cash in Corona CA. No matter what the difficulty is, we can cater to what your needs are and work towards a plan that will serve you when we buy houses in Corona CA. If it turns out that we think you’d be better off selling another way, we will surely tell you so. It is the mission of our company to ensure that each homeowner we help would be in a better position because they spoke to us. 

We Buy Houses Corona CA – Common Concerns

We buy houses Corona CA mostly from folks that are going through several of these kinds of situations at once. And usually, that’s a key factor in why they’ve got to sell their house fast to begin with. If you are going through and of these issues and are afraid that it might make it hard for you to sell your house, rest assured that this will not affect our ability to buy your house.  We’ll tackle any problem when we buy houses in Corona CA. Just leave it to the professionals!

Here are some useful videos that can help you get through with all these kinds of situations. Check each of them out in our video library!

What About Your Benefits?

Mrs. Property Solutions’ mindset is to make the sale of your house easy on you –  no matter how hard that makes our job. Here is what offer:

Home sellers choose us over the competition for many reasons. That’s because when we buy houses, there are tons of benefits, for instance:

A Fair Offer.  No low balling or “sales games” here – just an honest offer for what your property is worth.

No Repairs Needed. You won’t have to put in another minute or dirty work – or another buck!

A Fast Close. If you’ need to sell by a certain date, not a problem – just let us know when so we can meet your needed timeline.

Scratch The Commission. Put thousands back in your pocket by avoiding real estate commissions.  

…and the Fees. Nope! No fees either… plain and simple.

Cash. Cash is king in real estate. This is how we can close quickly and accommodate your needs better.

Creating Relationships. We’re interested in building relationships for longevity – the kind that are build on trust and respect. 

Never An Open House. No open houses with us! We just need to bring our contractor once and then we’re out of there!  

Professionalism. We put great pride into each homeowner we work with. It’s our hope to always bring value to the people we help.

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